What shoes suitable for Hiking?

Какая обувь подойдет для пешего похода?

Shoes for the hike selected depending on the distance and type of terrain on which it will take place. Simple layman it may seem that it will be enough regular sneakers, but in practice it turns out that this is not so. The campaign has brought only positive impressions, you should take care what kind of shoes is right for this hike.

Shoes for short hikes on easy terrain

If you are going camping for a day or two, to the nearby forest, then it will fit standard or durable sneakers in the summer season special sandal with closed toe.

Shoes for a hike in the woods

The most comfortable shoes in the campaign is considered quite high shoes that are securely fixed to the ankle joint, preventing dislocation and sprain. But under the canopy of trees is often increased humidity, and therefore care should be taken impermeability of their shoes. For this purpose, all kinds of impregnation, from time to time must be renewed.

But membrane the shoes, which is good in any other case for a hike is not very suitable, because it soon begins to absorb moisture from the outside, and dries very badly, especially in conditions of a hike.

The soles of their shoes for forest outings should be non-slip with ribbed tread. Well, if it is rubberized, gripping the bottom of the Shoe. If in the area inhabited by snakes, then you should select shoes of durable material.

Shoes for Hiking in the mountains

Mountain is very important to have good protection of the ankle, so the shoes can not be low ankle boot. In addition, the selected soles tight, but at the same time flexible enough to feel the leg surface topography. Do not be afraid that the shoes are too heavy or it will be very hot because of the convenience and safety in long-term transitions above all else.

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