Unusual nipples

Необычные соскиDark and light, big and small, elongated shape and, conversely, the inverted inside – all characteristics of the nipples. Their varieties are so numerous that to predict what the shape of the nipple, for example, will be of a newborn girl when she grows up, is almost impossible.

The most common on Earth are the female halos of dark color round shape with large nipples. They have 40% of the fair sex, while some species unusual nipples can be seen not more than a hundred women.

Women’s nipples are an unusual shape

Nature is very interesting thing, and it rewards people who sometimes seemed to be the most extraordinary forms of parts of the body. Breasts in women is no exception, and we all know that forms of breast cancer, there are over 10 different species.

Female nipples are also not left behind, and the most unusual types look like this:

  • Flat, or inverted inward. The ladies with nipples, at rest they are invisible. Just the nipples hidden in his chest. However, during sexual arousal, quite often, they change their location and appear out. Typically, this type is inherited and is unlikely to meet the girl, if her family had no ancestors with this feature.
  • Elongated. This unusual type of nipples are the longest ones. At rest, the length of 8 mm, and in a state of arousal exceeds an inch.
  • With raised areola. These nipples rise above the rest of the breast. These unusual halos have nipples in women, with an increased volume of subcutaneous tissue and abnormally short muscles of this zone. Treatment of this condition does not require and is normal for this form of the areola.

So, in conclusion, we note that the nipple unusual shape it is rather a gift of nature than some kind of anomaly. They, like everyone else, is able to perform its basic function – to bring up children, although it should be noted that for such forms of nipples, inverted inward and a flat, this can become problematic, because the crumbs will be very difficult for them to grasp. In this case, the problem can be solved by using special pads.

If you are the owner of unusual nipples, or their shape bothers you too much, contact the clinic of plastic surgery, may after consultation with the doctor will advise you to make a correction.

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