Hematometra — what it is, treatment

Гематометра - что это такое, лечениеThe term «hematometra», frequently used in gynecology, is the accumulation of blood in the uterine cavity. This phenomenon occurs for various reasons. Let’s talk about it in detail, separately allocating an impairment and how to treat it.

How to manifest the disease?

Before describing the symptoms of the cancer hematometra, I would like to note that this violation is most frequently associated with the presence in the uterine cavity mechanical obstacles, which could be a tumor, a polyp, and the remaining fetal membranes (after the abortion). In some cases for diagnosing the cause at the girls discover atresia of the vagina (fusion). Often these can cause malignancies in the reproductive organs.

If we talk specifically about the signs of hematometra, among them the most often doctors call:

  • cramping pain in the lower abdomen;
  • a sharp, sudden cessation of the monthly discharge, or no discharge after abortion;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • the increase in the number of cardiac contractions;
  • the reduction of blood pressure;
  • deterioration of the General condition (syncope, dizziness).

How is the therapeutic process at this violation?

Having dealt with what is meant by the definition of «hematometra» and whatever that is, must be said of the treatment.

Гематометра - что это такое, лечениеSo, first of all, the doctors are trying to release the uterine cavity from blood accumulated there. This purpose may be appointed Prem means contributing to the increase in the number of uterine contractions of the myometrium (Oxytocin, for example).

However, monitored hemodynamics, i.e. doctors monitor the concentrations of discharge from the uterus. In some cases, you may be assigned a procedure that involves hardware removal of accumulated blood by using a special vacuum apparatus.

The next stage of therapy involves the direct removal of the causes of the violation (resection of the cyst, polyp, excision of partitions, etc.).

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