The child in 5 months is not turned

Ребенок в 5 месяцев не переворачиваетсяA young mother says, as is active development of the crumbs. There are certain time frame in which the toddler is expected to master the skills. Deviations from the norms of concerned caring parents. It should be understood that these figures are averaged because the pace of development can be individual. Therefore, if any issues need to go to the pediatrician, he will assess the health of the crumbs time to detect the problem if it is. Some worried about why the child in 5 months not turned over, and what to do in such a situation.

Why the baby does not flip?

There are several explanations for this fact, not all talk about any violations.

All people are different in temperament from early childhood. More active toddlers tend to move, learning new skills. Others are endowed with the tranquility and learn about the world with caution. They may acquire the ability to later roll over peers.

If the child is already 5 months and he does not flip on your stomach, then you need to pay attention to his complexion. If the toddler is chubby, then it is harder to move. Therefore, the probability that it will turn over later than other children.

Consider that a premature baby develop a little slower. Therefore, if a baby is born prematurely, the pace of development differ. But over time, these Babes fully catch up with full term babies.

Also moms have to remember that boys usually outperform girls in physical development.

Sometimes the cause is the problems with muscle tone. But an experienced doctor will explain the mother how to remedy the situation.

What to do if a child in 5 months not reversed?

If mom worried about something in the behavior of the crumbs, it is best to talk to the pediatrician. He tells you how to correct the situation. If necessary, he recommends to visit other specialists, but even their own parents can not do so little.

Ребенок в 5 месяцев не переворачиваетсяIf the child is 5 months doesn’t want to roll over, you can use the following tips:

  • you need to put the toy next to the toddler, so he tried to turn to him;
  • the surface onto which the toddler must be even, sufficiently rigid;
  • to help the child to master a coup, you need the right leg toddler to sling over your left, then slightly to push him.

If the kid refuses to do the exercises, you should not make, it is better to wait for a more appropriate time.

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