Stomach flu in children — symptoms and treatment

Кишечный грипп у детей - симптомы и лечениеAny health problems the baby is alarming parents. Unfortunately, from time to time children are ill with various infectious diseases. Mothers should know the basic symptoms of certain ailments that afflict a child. One of such diseases is the stomach flu. This household name, and professionals use the term «rotavirus infection». You should understand, how one can suspect this pathology, and what to do in case of intestinal flu in children.

Methods of infection rotavirus infection

This disease is of viral nature and affects the digestive tract. It is believed that the virus usually affects children under 3 years and children over 4 years old already have immunity to it. In schoolchildren and adults, it almost never occurs.

Rotaviruses are the resistance to external factors. There are several ways of transmission:

  • through poorly washed foods, contaminated water, even if accidental ingestion while swimming;
  • can be caught through everyday contact;
  • possible transmission of infection from the patient when sneezing.

The risk of infection is increased in shops, schools, gardens, that is where a lot of people. The incubation period ranges from 12-16 hours to 5-6 days.

The symptoms of intestinal flu in children

The disease begins acutely, but its development differs from other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The first signs of this infection can be easily confused with the flu. It begins with a runny nose, sore throat, possible cough. Catarrhal phenomena are rapidly, and in children there are signs of intestinal flu:

  • liquid frothy stool, which is possible up to 10 times per day, feces with a pungent smell;
  • temperature up to 39°C;
  • nausea, frequent vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • pain in the abdomen.

The infection can cause dehydration, and this is a very dangerous condition.

In its manifestations gastroenteritis similar to poisoning, salmonellosis. Therefore, we need to show the baby doctor. He will be able to accurately recognize the symptoms of intestinal flu in children and will prescribe treatment. Often kids have to be hospitalized. Modern medicine can overcome this infection in a few days. Because it is not necessary to delay the visit to the doctor.

Treatment of intestinal flu in children

Any special tools against the disease does not exist. Therapy is the complex of measures, usually of intestinal flu in children attention is paid to the mode of nutrition.

All assignments will be directed on restoration of water-salt balance, reduced toxicity. It is also important to prevent bacterial infection.

Some believe that drugs from the intestinal flu for children are antibiotics. But this view is mistaken, because the disease is caused by a virus, and to treat them do not use antibacterial drugs.

It is important to give the baby to drink more, for example, it is possible to offer compote from dried fruits, tea, Rehydron.

It is also necessary to help the body rid itself of toxins. To do this, use sorbents, for example, Enterosgel, Smectite, suitable activated carbon. Кишечный грипп у детей - симптомы и лечениеTo stop the diarrhea prescribed Enterofuril, Furazolidone. Later prescribe medicines to restore intestinal flora, for example, the Linex. How to choose a drug and in General, than to cure children’s stomach flu, it is better to ask the doctor. He will appoint a given number of factors.

Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment. Diet for intestinal flu in children should include porridge with water or broth. It is impossible to give dairy products, juices, spicy, oily foods. If the baby refuses to eat, to persuade or force does not need to.

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