How to learn to ski ridge?

Как научиться кататься на лыжах коньковым ходом?

Many novice skiers who have already mastered the classical course, interested in how to learn to ski ridge course. Of course, the help of a coach increases your chances of getting a good result, but to learn everything you can own. It is important to buy or rent the special skis that are slightly shorter than the «classics», and they have a rounded nose. Another important point – stick to this style should be high and better if the handle will be up to the shoulder. If you do not want to change gear, then keep in mind that learning is complicated.

How to quickly learn to ski skate?

Let’s start with the basic principles of this style, which set it apart from others. To build on the land you edge the skis, and weight during the movement needs to move from right to left leg. To gain speed, you should help yourself with sticks, pushing them from the earth. Understanding how to learn to ski skate, is to say that «Christmas Tree» on the descent should be already, and on the rise, on the contrary, wider. Performing leg while riding repulsion, it should be completely straightened. Another important point – the body should be slightly forward shifted.

Understanding how to learn to cross-country skiing skate, move on to technique. Start driving with the push one leg out to the side, moving her body weight. Remember that the ski should be set on edge. Immediately after that, the ski must be raised slightly, while shifting weight to the other side, and then do a push with the other leg, etc. it is Important not to jerk, since the movements should be smooth. If you are using sticks, then it’s worth a little to lean forward, setting the acceleration, pushing hands and taking a breath. The most difficult thing in the development of this technique is to keep Как научиться кататься на лыжах коньковым ходом?the balance. Another important point is to harmonize the movements of the hands and feet.

Figuring out how to learn skiing to skate skiing, it is necessary to pay attention to the information regarding correct occurrence in the turns. To not fall and to properly fit into the rotation, several times to push off the ski, which is located on the outside of the turn. To keep the balance, it is recommended to slightly bend your knees.

Experts recommend to pay attention to the most common mistakes. It is important not to put the skis are too wide and immediately on edge. Do not raise the leg after the push is too high. Strongly do not lean forward and not lean backward, as you will lose balance.

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