Diet Hayley Pomeroy – menu for each day

Диета Хейли Помрой – меню на каждый день

Developed sample menu diet Hayley Pomeroy aims to speed up the metabolism, and this, according to specialists, is a major component of weight loss. A nutritionist claims that adhering to all recommendations is a month to lose about 10 kg, sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Rules and menus for every day of the diet Hayley Pomeroy

To create your own weight loss technique, Haley, according to her, discovered new laws of biochemistry and physiology. She says that body weight does not depend on the number of calories consumed by the person, and the main enemy of obesity – slow metabolism. Pomeroy does not prevent there are different desserts, but she is against any serious food restrictions.

The menu for each day of the diet Hayley Pomeroy are calculated for a month, with each week divided into three phases with their tasks:
The first phase of the diet is chosen so as to get rid of stress, and it lasts two days. The menu is based on carbohydrates, in that the amount of fat and proteins should be reduced. The importance of the cardio workout.

The second stage is unlocking fat stores, and it also lasts two days. Menu diet Hayley Pomeroy is based in the whites, but the number of other substances important to reduce. Recommended diet Supplement strength training.

In the third stage, hard to burn fat, and it lasts three days. The menu caters mainly to the consumption of fats and fruits, whereas the amount of proteins and carbohydrates should be reduced. As for exercise, you should give preference to gymnastics, yoga and massage.

To properly make the menu you want to exclude from non-natural and fat-free foods, and dried fruits, juices, corn, wheat and soy. In the forbidden category included dairy products, coffee, chocolate and alcohol.

The menu is based on smaller meals, you have to eat five times a day, with equal intervals of time, 3-4 p.m. Another rule is to eat Breakfast must not later than half an hour after waking up. Nutritionists recommend eating the frozen products, which better affect the figure. Necessarily need to drink water, which is important for metabolism.

Menu Hayley Pomeroy looks like this:

Диета Хейли Помрой – меню на каждый день

If months to lose weight not enough, diet should be repeated from the beginning. To fix the result and not to be afraid that the weight will come back, you will need to come from the diet. Nutritionist recommends to continue to follow the recommendations, data on diet and lead an active lifestyle and take vitamins.

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