Jerusalem artichoke syrup — benefits and harms

Сироп топинамбура - польза и вред

Products from Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to use each person daily because they are rich in biological active substances. At the moment, a wide demand has acquired the Jerusalem artichoke syrup, which is composed of many components that are important for the normal functioning of the body:

  • citric acid;
  • malic acid;
  • fumaric and succinic acid;
  • trace elements such as manganese, iron, silicon, potassium, calcium;
  • amino acids — lysine, methionine, leucine, threonine;
  • polysaccharides;
  • b vitamins, ascorbic acid;
  • oligosaccharides;
  • the pectin.

The benefits and harms of Jerusalem artichoke syrup


  • The Jerusalem artichoke syrup doctors recommend for people suffering from diabetes because it lowers blood sugar and minimizes insulin requirement.
  • The oligosaccharides contained in the composition of the syrup, contribute to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and inhibition of pathogenic. So it is recommended to those who suffer from disorders in the digestive tract. It could be dysbiosis, digestive failures, violation of metabolic processes, overweight.
  • The Jerusalem artichoke syrup has a laxative and diuretic properties. Therefore, it is prescribed as a dietary Supplement for constipation and diseases of the urinary tract.
  • Source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • The syrup is prescribed as a General tonic, increasing immunity.
  • Healthy properties of Jerusalem artichoke syrup is also are the following: it is able to remove toxins accumulated in the liver, purify the blood vessels and improve cardiac work.
  • He gives strength, increases the efficiency of the organism and its endurance, as with excessive physical exercise and mental.


It should be noted that the syrup has one side effect: it can cause flatulence, pain in the intestines.
The Jerusalem artichoke syrup is the only contraindication is individual intolerance.

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