Mandarins useful properties

Мандарины - полезные свойства

Only one species of this fruit can lift a mood, and even their fresh and vibrant taste and aroma and does hardly leave anyone indifferent. The beneficial properties of mandarins are known for a long time, but they are not only in large quantities of vitamin C.

How useful tangerines for the human body?

These citrus fruits contain pectin, glycosides, mineral salts, and vitamins D, K, C, B1 and B2. Thanks to its composition, these fruits are not only saturate the body with vitamins, strengthen the immune system and are excellent anti-inflammatory agent, that is, help to establish the water balance of the body and the lymphatic vessels. These citrus fruits also strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and therefore, the person who eat it regularly are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases than the one who does not eat.

The high content of pectin promotes the excretion of various harmful substances and reduce cholesterol levels, useful here than mandarins for liver, which is a kind of «mechanism for blood purification». If you eat these fruits regularly, you can save this body from «high load».

What is more useful Mandarin or orange?

These fruits are very similar in their biochemical composition. But, it is still possible to distinguish two main differences, first, the tangerine contains 7% more sugar than the orange, and secondly, one of the useful qualities of the Mandarin is the presence in it synephrine, a substance that helps to cope with such diseases as bronchitis. Thus, on the one hand, oranges are less useful, and they contain less sugar.

A definite answer to the question, which of the most useful citrus fruits that does not exist. So you can focus when choosing your own taste preferences.

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