How to learn to spin the Hoop on your waist?

Как научиться крутить обруч на талии?

At first glance, the rotation Hoop is a fairly simple process, but not everyone thinks so. How simple and fast to learn to spin the Hoop on the waist – further in the article.

First of all, you need to get up. The feet must be brought together. If missing, the abdominal muscles will not be loaded from the exercises and no effect. Back keep need exactly, so as not to harm the spine. Hands are better to concatenate and place behind the head or pull at chest level. In this position, and to perform rotation.

You can now start spinning the Hoop. The pelvis, thigh and the torso should remain stationary and move only the waist. Rotate it clockwise, forming a circle. Jerks and sudden movements are unacceptable. To produce better rotation clockwise, but some want to learn to spin the Hoop in both directions. In this case you need to try hard. If the Hoop falls, don’t need to get upset, you need to constantly try picking up the pace and correcting movement.

How to properly train?

To quickly learn how to roll a Hoop, and training were effective, it is important to follow a few basic rules.


  • To start with it is important a few minutes each day increasing the time.
  • The minimum time for torsion of the Hoop — 10 minutes if you have to spend less time as a result.
  • The duration of lessons should not exceed 20-30 minutes.
  • Every day is a must. Learn to spin a Hoop for weight loss and experiment with this 1 time a week is stupid. Better then not to start.
  • No need to train right after eating and on an empty stomach.
  • Specific time for training should be determined depending on the mode of the day and employment. The only thing — you can’t spin the Hoop just before night’s rest.
  • The appearance of bruises, to refuse the continuation of training is not necessary. It will be enough to reduce the load and wear tight clothing — this will help avoid further injury. Sensitive and thin skin will save special termopalas.
  • To warm up the muscles before training is recommended to perform a light workout.


Not even knowing how to roll a Hoop, to learn if you follow all the rules. But having mastered the technique of this exercise can make the body perfect even without visiting the gym.

Как научиться крутить обруч на талии?

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