Walking on the buttocks

Ходьба на ягодицах

In the pelvic area are the most important organs and systems of the human body. The intestine is responsible for digestion, the formation of immune protection and beauty of skin, hair and nails, and pubic and gluteal-sacral muscles are involved in movement and largely determine the health of the reproductive system. Walking on the buttocks is a great exercise to normalize the function of the pelvic organs and maintaining muscle tone.

The benefits of walking on the buttocks

Such training is not a newfangled invention. Practice walking fitness trainers and specialists in physical therapy. Developed by the doctor of medical Sciences I. P. Neumyvakin in the 70-ies of the last century. And that’s what makes exercise a walk on the buttocks, will be listed below:

  • the movement of the butt improves the blood circulation and prevent stagnant phenomena in the pelvis;
  • the benefits of walking on buttocks for women is a beneficial effect on the urinary and reproductive systems. This is a good prevention of gynecological diseases, and male doctors recommend this exercise to increase potency;
  • as a result of such practice strengthens the muscles of the back, lower limbs and buttocks. Reduces the risk of sciatica, lumbago. Such an exercise is shown to older people to prevent mobility limitations and persons after injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • as a result of training the gluteus muscles are tightened, increases their tone. The skin is smoothed, disappear the appearance of cellulite;
  • eliminated such delicate problems, such as constipation, urinary incontinence, reduced risk of rectal prolapse.

How to do?

To complete the exercise walking on the buttocks must sit on the floor, straighten your legs, the body placed perpendicular to them. Arms can be bent at the elbows slightly to help themselves while driving, and when the exercise will be quite developed for its complications can be wound for the head. To start moving, pushing forward with your right buttock with your right foot. Along with this go to the right side of the case forward. Repeat for the left side of the body and thus to move forward. When he reached the end of the room, to move in the opposite direction, just back.

It is very important to monitor the posture and keep back straight. The leg does not drag on the floor, and keep it when you move on weight. For starters, you can do three sets of 10-15 repetitions, and later increase the duration of the exercise. Moreover, you can move not only back and forth but also from side to side.

Contraindications walking on the buttocks

First I must say, the training can start only after warming up sufficiently. That is, it is recommended to perform a small charge. Clothing should be comfortable and smooth, preventing chafing of the skin, it is also important to lay on the floor Mat, otherwise there is a risk of catching a cold on a cold surface. Exercise is contraindicated for women during menstruation and those who has any of the disease in an acute form. Ходьба на ягодицахIn chronic diseases of the urogenital area before classes should consult with the doctor. But in any case, any discomfort and pain in the abdomen and lower back exercise to stop and wait for improvement.

Those who want to improve the effectiveness of the exercise, you can wear on your feet any weights, but for more in-depth study of muscles of the buttocks include in a training program more serious physical exercises. After training, take a shower and RUB into the skin of the thighs and buttocks nourishing cream, with anti-cellulite effect.

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