What exercise to remove belly fat?

Какие делать упражнения, чтобы убрать живот?

Excess fat on the abdomen and the waist area is a «headache» for many women. And even starting to do abdominal exercises, you might notice that the extra inches are leaving this area slowly and reluctantly. And all because women are by nature intended such protection in the subcutaneous area of the bodies responsible for childbearing. However, do not worry, in this article you will learn about how and what exercise to remove belly fat.

What cardio exercises to remove belly fat?

Unfortunately, even strong muscles can hide behind a layer of subcutaneous fat, therefore, this problem should be addressed comprehensively, loading the entire body and eating right. To the regular lessons, you need to add cardio exercises to remove belly fat. Good efficiency are: running, jumping rope, and regular training on the exercise bike or the ellipsoid can yield an excellent result. In addition, it is very important to breathe, I want to say properly, but most of all follow the breath and not to hold him. In a state of tension to inhale, and relax on the exhale.

Learning in a group, not to be distracted by conversations and other moments, otherwise you lose your breath, and to restore it will not be easy, and the whole exercise will go down the drain. Neck when doing as not to strain: it is important to neck area relaxed. The load must be increased gradually and to practice regularly, because stomach muscles very quickly «forget» about the useful effect obtained.

What exercises will help to remove belly fat?


  • «Scissors». For its implementation it is necessary to lie down on the floor, palms put under the lower back, legs slightly raised and start to spread them apart and to bring together, by crossing each other. Do three sets of 10 times.


Какие делать упражнения, чтобы убрать живот?


  • Complicated twisting. For this task you need to lie on your back, placing your palms on your abdomen, feet together. On the exhale simultaneously detach the casing from the floor and lift your feet. Outstretched hands reach away, feeling how tense the abdominal muscles. The number of sets and repetitions the same as in the previous exercise.


Какие делать упражнения, чтобы убрать живот?


  • Speaking about what exercise to remove belly fat, it is worth mentioning the trough with your knees bent. To stand in the knee–elbow position, resting on the floor toed sneakers. Straining the muscles to pull the knees off the floor and freeze in that position, not progiba the waist while keeping your back straight. At first «hang» for a few seconds, gradually increasing this time interval. Later you can replace this exercise with the usual «Bar».


Какие делать упражнения, чтобы убрать живот?

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