Proteins for muscle growth – the harm and benefit

Протеины для роста мышц – вред и польза

As you know, the human body for the normal functioning of the required proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. All we get from food, but if the energy expended will exceed that which is provided inside the incoming nutrients, the body will begin to suffer and, as they say, «to dwindle». Extremely necessary proteins for muscle growth, the harm and benefit which will be covered in this article.

What is needed?

The protein or protein for muscle growth is very rich. In fact, 85% of it consists of pure protein and the rest is accounted for by fat, carbohydrates, water and numerous amino acids – threonine, valine, leucine, lysine, serine, etc Proteins play a crucial role in human body:

  • they can rightly be called the building blocks of bones, muscles and other tissues. Their deficiency may develop muscular dystrophy;
  • protein is the blood and they provide delivery to the tissues and organs of oxygen;
  • they form immune cells. And with a good immune system most diseases are not terrible;
  • with their submission, produce enzymes responsible for metabolic processes;
  • affect the production of hormones that regulate the endocrine, reproductive and other systems.

Proteins cannot be synthesized by the body and to maintain its normal activity, they must come from outside in the form of foods such as meat, fish, milk and legumes, seeds and nuts.

Those who are not subjecting your body to heavy loads, may well not think about protein intake, but athletes, bodybuilders and those who want to convert existing fat into muscle mass need more protein, otherwise muscle tissue will not receive enough power and will «dry out», as professionals say. Even if you increase in the diet proportion of protein products, this will not significantly affect the mass gain, because not all protein coming from the food digested completely and fully. That is why there are special protein mixture, allowing to solve this problem.

Protein protein for muscle growth

For muscle growth to be the same proteins as it is for girls and for boys. The difference lies only in the dosage. At moderate loads on 1 kg of body weight should be 1G of protein to the fair sex, and to build muscle, this amount should be doubled and tripled for men. The daily rate should be divided into 4-5 receptions. Definitely eating protein before a workout, in the morning, after school and at night. However, in the latter case, used only casein, which are digested slowly.

Generally, there are several Протеины для роста мышц – вред и пользаtypes of protein: whey, egg, soy, casein and beef. The most popular acts of whey, which can be recommended to the girls. It is worth to bring to the gym and to take before a workout and immediately after it. With casein all clear, but other species may act as an alternative to the usual protein. However, if you just drink protein and not to go workout, no muscle growth will not. Urinary system just lead them out of the body.

Harm of protein for muscle growth

Proteins are very difficult to digest by the body and may cause heaviness in the stomach, pain and discomfort. Increased load experienced and the kidneys, due to regular congestion may fail in their work. In addition, you should always remember about the risk of possible allergies and the risk of buying a defective product that contains artificial additives, GMO’s and tainted components.

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