Running in the winter on the street for weight loss

Бег зимой на улице для похудения

During cold weather, most of the runners are moved from parks to treadmills fitness clubs. Meanwhile, running in the winter, the street is very effective to lose weight due to increased calorie burning.

Winter running for weight loss — the principles and rules

Before proceeding to the enumeration of the benefits of running outside in the winter to lose weight, it is worth noting that the load this still does not suit everyone. First, in a weak body a lot of stress, most likely, will lead to disease after the first run. The second factor is diet. If a person is on a strict low-calorie diet, Jogging in freezing temperatures will lead not only to disease, but also to deterioration of metabolism.

In General, Jogging in winter, slimming fit healthy people, practicing a slight caloric restriction and physical activity. So people running in the winter to lose weight will give phenomenal results minus 900 calories per workout. In addition, put into a stressful situation the body will be another 4-5 hours after workout intensely hateful to burn fat reserves.

The results was a joy to run in the morning for weight loss winter need to be prepared. The most important thing is the right clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, the special non-slip shoes is unlikely to be cheap, but they are necessary to avoid injury.

In addition, runners will be required in winter, light but warm sports suit, cap, mask, gloves. Incidentally, beauticians strongly recommend before the morning run not to wash, otherwise the frost and wind can damage your skin.

Before starting a run a mandatory workout to do indoors. Then you need to dress up and easy to run to get to the main workout, so muscles remain warmed up. To breathe during exercise only need the nose, lengthening the breath.

To run, especially newbies, preferably on cleared paths. Last workout need 20 minutes, and then run home to do stretching exercises. Spending more than four workouts per week is undesirable – it leads to the overtraining effect.

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