How to learn how to swim adult by yourself?

Как научиться плавать взрослому человеку самостоятельно?

Many adults can’t swim because the opportunity to learn in childhood is not at all. However, after purchasing tickets at the resort or with the aim of improving the health status of an adult can think about how to quickly learn to swim independently.

How to learn to swim?

Doctors consider swimming an enabling physical activity for the person. It helps to develop and strengthen respiratory and nervous systems, heart, blood vessels, muscles. And in addition, exercises in the water perfectly strengthen the immune system and stimulate metabolism.

To learn how to swim yourself, it’s best in the pool because chlorinated water helps support body on the surface, but the shallow depth and the lack of the unpredictable uneven floor minimizes the fear of drowning.

Preparations for the voyage begins with breathing exercises. Here you can adopt an experience professional swimmers who practice this exercise: while standing on a chest in the water made a deep breath, then, after diving under water – exhale through the mouth.

The following exercise prepares for the swimming and eliminate the fear of water made a deep breath, then stretched out their arms and legs, the patient lies on the water, face down. When the next swimmer will learn to float, learn to row will only be a matter of technique.

How to learn to swim in the pool?

Learning to breathe and tread water, you can proceed to the study of the movements of the feet and hands. Effective footwork is very important for good speed sailing. To train the movements of the legs can at the side or holding onto a floating Board, the legs should straighten, socks pulling, upward and downward legs should be done quickly and bitingly.

Swimming the crawl is one of the most are available for independent studying of styles. If the leg movements are mastered, they need to add Как научиться плавать взрослому человеку самостоятельно?the strokes of the hands: first one arm extended forward and makes a stroke, then the second. The strokes are done to the thigh, hands at the stroke should be folded in the form of boats. To breathe in this style should be as follows: the breath is the hand that makes the stroke, exhale into the water during the stroke of the second hand.

To exercises in the water brought only benefit, doctors and trainers recommend to come to practice on an empty stomach – after 2.5 hours after eating. In the pool it is also desirable to use a hat to protect hair and rubber Slippers, so as not to pick up a fungus.

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