Exercises for cheekbones

Упражнения для скул

Many women dream about beautiful cheekbones, for example, like keira Knightley or Sophie Ellis Bextor. Do not grieve, if nature has not nagradila you, such a decoration, because doing special exercises for cheeks and cheekbones can be achieved good results. On the face also has muscles and if you give them the load, they will quickly come to the tone.

How to remove the cheeks and make the cheekbones – exercises

To achieve the desired result, you need to train every day, spending only 15 minutes let us Consider some simple but effective exercises:


  • First we need to tone the facial contours. On a deep breath, stretch the cheeks, and then tightly close your lips and place the palms on the cheeks so that the fingers were on his ears. Push the hands on the face, while resisting cheeks. Hold for 6 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times.
  • Close your lips and pull them forward as if to kiss. The challenge was to paint the lips in the air an imaginary circle. Move first in one direction within half a minute, and then the same amount of time in the opposite direction.
  • Another effective exercise to make cheeks because it tightens the underlying muscles of the cheeks. The thumb should be put on the cheek to the gums. Them to pull to the inside of my cheek, straining the muscles of the face and pushing the finger back. Repeat several times on each cheek.
  • In order to give the cheek shape, you should perform this exercise for cheeks: sit on a chair and tilt your head back, clenching his teeth. Try to pull the shoulders down to «separate» the head from the shoulders. It is important to feel the tension in the muscles of the cheeks.
  • The following exercise will make the oval face thin, bring it into tone. Open your mouth and roll the lips inward so that they covered his teeth. Then as much as possible tighten the muscles of the lips and cheeks. Hands, grasp the side of the face and lead them up. Repeat the movement until, until the burning sensation and fatigue.


Упражнения для скул


  • Take a pen or pencil and hold it between the upper lip and nose. Try to keep her there as much as possible. The number of repetitions – 5 times.
  • The following exercise for cheekbones on the face: pull the lower jaw forward, then slowly tilt your head back, feeling the tension in the cheeks. Return head to normal position and relax your jaw. Do 20 repetitions. Every day it is recommended to increase the number of repetitions for 3 times.


All the exercises are simple, but most importantly, during their run to feel constant tension, otherwise the result will be.

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