How to lose 1 kg in 1 day?

Как сбросить 1 кг за 1 день?

In order to quickly get rid of extra pounds, should use methods of cleansing the intestines and allows it to absorb much moisture. This challenge can be overcome every. To lose 1 kg in 1 day can how to use bowel cleansing, and with the help of special diets.

In the first case it is necessary to completely abandon the use of food and water. During this period, it is recommended to take a diuretic, do Jogging, and any sport to improve the sweating. Thus you can throw not only one kilogram of body weight per day, and more. Here everything will depend on initial body weight. It should be noted that this method of slimming is not suitable for all because it can exacerbate existing chronic disease.

How to throw 1 kg per day?

Following an effective and popular way to quickly lose weight 1 kg in a day is a tough diet. However, the daily limit in food is able to deliver from one kilo of body weight but not body fat.

Methods of weight loss one day have some peculiarities that must be observed without fail. Menu weight loss diet of 1 kg per day as follows:

  • 6am — green tea without sugar and its substitutes;
  • 8 hours — egg, hard-boiled;
  • 10 hours — 100 g of boiled raisins;
  • 12 hours — 100 g of boiled chicken breast;
  • 14 hours — 250 ml fresh tomato juice;
  • 16 hours — boiled egg;
  • 18 hours is a fresh Apple;
  • 20 hours — 250 l of kefir.

These products should not be salted.

As you can see, this diet involves the eight-time nutrition throughout the day. Thus the body will arrive no more than six hundred calories. This is insufficient for the normal functioning of all vital systems, so stick to this diet more than one day is not recommended. Also note that the meal must be conducted in accordance with the specified clock. To deviate from the schedule presented is prohibited.

Как сбросить 1 кг за 1 день?

This method of weight loss will quickly lose weight and look slimmer in the belly area.

To lose 1 kg in 1 day is also possible with diet on fruits, which is designed for day and hard exercise. These measures together will give the desired result. To achieve this goal a day should be consumed no more than pounds of any fruits, do aerobics, fitness or running. Diet is considered effective because fruits and vegetables — foods that have negative calories. In processing the body stratics more energy than he receives.

All of the above methods harmful, so it is better to try to normalize weight through a longer weight loss methods.

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