How to learn to skate backwards?

Как научиться кататься на коньках задним ходом?

The one who is already pretty confident on skates, striving to improve their skills and quite naturally are thinking about mastering any complex elements, for example, is interested in how to learn how to skate in reverse, because it is so unusual and interesting. This article will give details on this technique.

Learn to skate backwards

It should be noted that the ice rink is equipped with fences, fence, benches, etc. in addition, to learn a new skill in a popular location is unlikely to succeed, because at first it will be difficult to play at the same time and the vehicles are and what is going on behind, and thus the inevitable collision and falls. Special protection will be protected against injury, so do not neglect them.

Wanting to understand how to skate backwards, you can just push off with your hands from the fence and feel what it’s like to move forward back? A little practice in the free movement, to begin mastering the technique: stand upright, the toe of one foot to put on polbotinka in front of the other, legs slightly bent at the knees. In the absence behind any hindrances and obstacles, to put pushing leg at an angle and push off the ice. Thus, further forward movement of the back must be provided by a series of aftershocks along the arc. You need to try to perform the same operations as in natural motion, but only in reverse.

At the center of gravity should lie within the area between his legs. Once mastered the proper technique of skating backwards, you can start to alternate moving forward back left and right bounds. In addition, to monitor the situation behind you should get in the habit, so often to cast a glance over his shoulder. And for better balance do not forget to lightly bounce the leg.

How to skate backwards pattern?

This technique is called «hourglass» by the similarity to the pattern left on the ice skate blade. For this you need to stand up straight, put your feet together so that your heels «looked» in different directions, and socks were connected. The knees slightly bent. And now you have to imagine that this place is the most narrow, i.e., the middle of the hourglass. Now it is necessary to push the skates outward, giving acceleration to reverse. In the course of moving the legs need to straighten and speed to gain by the force of the ejection. To facilitate the maneuver should move the brunt of body weight on front part of skates.

EquipmentКак научиться кататься на коньках задним ходом?

New skating technique will be mastered much faster if you choose footwear to match your size, and clothing is comfortable and not constricting. You need to take the time to carefully lace up boots, for a close fit to the leg and provided the necessary smoothness and speed, especially when riding his back forward. As for protective gear, then it is not worth saving, but if not buy, you can rent. An inexperienced person it is better to warm up: perform squats, twists body, waving the hands on type of mill.

Starting to learn something new, do not worry, not everything at once. With proper patience and perseverance new heights will be conquered, and who knows, maybe tomorrow you will run three, loop, bracket and constriction. Make sure the training is fun, and the rest will follow.

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