Mildronate in sports

Милдронат в спорте

There are many different drugs used by individuals involved in sports. Each has its positive and negative properties. Many are banned in sport Mildronate and what effect it can be to get. This drug is a structural analogue of gamma-butirobetaina – substances that are in the human cells.

Properties mildronata in sports

The main purpose of this drug is to prevent fatigue during enhanced physical activity. He can improve the overall health and activate glycolysis without oxygen. Substances contained in this preparation positively affect energy metabolism and helps to quickly restore power after exercise. The popularity of the use of Mildronate in sports due to its ability to speed up the transmission of nerve stimulation to improve muscle and make full use of their strength. The drug helps a person to easily carry different stresses.

How to take Mildronat in the sport?

To purchase the drug in the form of tablets and ampoules for intravenous administration. It is proved that the efficiency of injection is two times higher than from capsules. To calculate the required number of vials, should take into account that 1 kg of weight of the sportsman should have 15-20 mg of the drug. If the choice fell on the tablet, then the daily rate is 0.5-2 g. Since the human body can be used to Mildronate, it is recommended to take courses of 1.5-3 months. and then, to make a break in 1 month. To enhance the effect of the use, it is recommended to combine the drug with Riboxin and L-keratinom.

It is important to tell and about contra-indications. It is impossible to use Mildronate in diseases of the liver and kidneys as well as disorders of the nervous system.

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