Non-verbal signs of sympathy of man to woman

Невербальные признаки симпатии мужчины к женщине

Since then, as the planet earth appeared men and women – since the representatives of the strong half of humanity trying to win the love of the weak half.

Non-verbal signs of sympathy of man to woman

In order to attract the attention of the woman, men are willing to do the most unpredictable things, ready to move mountains for her beloved. If you can steadily look into the eyes of your beloved, listen to her voice for hours and Vice versa — to do everything to ensure that she was laughing. The love a man shows not only his actions and words, but also body language on a subconscious level with the help of gestures.

Non-verbal signs of sympathy on the part of men

His sympathy the man shows through the entire body. When the enclosure is deployed towards the object of sympathy when talking to the same turned feet and men turn socks and feet. If a man is staring right in the eye and his eyes are dilated, the woman can be sure that this man fell in love with her.

How to determine the sympathy of man to woman?

If a man straightened his shoulders, look straight, the whole body is turned towards any woman, but hands in pockets or tucked in the belt except the big toe, then it is safe to say that this woman is the object of his desires. This hand gesture means male, as to expose the region of their genitals for the female to show off.

Also you can define what man liked a woman, when he subconsciously starts to preen in her presence. Smoothes her hair and checks for buttons or cufflinks on the shirt, casually examines herself in the mirror. All this non verbal signs that a man likes this woman and he in turn wants to please her.

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