How to break up with the man I love?

Как расстаться с мужчиной, которого любишь?

To part with nice people only when we are receiving a negative emotion. But away from the meetings with the person to which you have only warm feelings, very difficult. Even when you know it is easier to survive the separation from a loved one, you still can’t escape from days filled with anxiety and longing. However, to mitigate the unpleasant moments can still be.

How to break up with the man I love?

The separation from a loved one can happen only under the pressure of circumstances. Therefore, an important aspect in this situation is awareness of the need for care from a loved one. If you decide that separation is inevitable, then, do not delay the moment of final rupture. To help in this situation may these tips:


  • Write on a sheet of paper, why you need to leave and what benefits you get when you breakup with your partner. This advice is especially relevant if you think of how to break up with a married man that I love.
  • The separation from a loved one should not be protracted. Try to stop this man all sorts of meetings, because emotions can fade away only when they will not recharge.
  • Be persistent in your decision. Don’t change it even if your partner will try to persuade you and present gifts. Be prepared for this turn of events. The harder you are, the easier will be the process of separation.


How to break up with the man I love?

To part also must be able. When parting try to follow these advices:

  • explain to your partner why you need to stop meeting;
  • tell me what your decision about the separation final;
  • tell the partner that you had strong feelings for him and grateful for the time we spent together, but find it necessary to break off relations;
  • the last conversation should be calm, without accusations and hysteria, so it is better to prepare in advance;
  • if there are no forces necessary to say a word at the meeting, you can write it in a letter and send it.

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