How to get rid of love addiction?

Как избавиться от любовной зависимости?

Love is a wonderful feeling that helps a person grow and improve. However, if a person becomes psychologically dependent on the object of his adoration, neither of which the growth and forward movement of speech. Love addiction has a huge energy potential, it makes things rotate around a loved one, making it difficult to work and lead a fulfilling life. At some point people may realize that just can’t live without to someone they feel love feelings, and begins to think about how to get rid of love addiction. Awareness of their dependencies is an important step towards solving this problem, but there should still a lot of work on myself to overcome the irrational feeling.

How to get rid of love dependence on men?

Often love addiction (addiction) is common in women. Due to their differences in the emotional sphere, they are more likely to experience strong feelings. Often love addiction manifests itself like a dependency drug addicts or alcoholics.
How to get rid of love dependence, we can tell psychology. The experts of this field give such recommendations, how to deal with love addiction:


  • Need to figure out what is the cause of love addiction. Low self-esteem, selfishness, lack of love in childhood, strong control of the family that trauma can result in an older age into a love addiction.
  • You should recognize that you have love addiction, and you can’t enter with a partner in an equivalent relationship.
  • Should you work on improving self-esteem, to recognize their positive qualities and appreciate them.
  • You must find for yourself such classes, Hobbies, Как избавиться от любовной зависимости?which will help you to realize your ability to move forward and get away.
  • Love energy is very high, so can help in any activity. Use it for good: in creativity or work. In love period were painted brilliant paintings, poems, verses. Why not take advantage of this wonderful source of energy!
  • Another tip for how to get rid of love dependence to her husband. Once married, some women cleave to their spouse. This is wrong. You need to try to be a person, to love yourself and take care of themselves. The higher you put yourself, the less you will tend to idealize others.


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