How to save money in the family?

Как экономить деньги в семье?

As everyday practice shows, money does not happen much. And if you have a family and children, finances are becoming a tendency to disappear faster than they appear. The question of saving money can occur in families with any income, as wage is a guarantee of comfortable life. Much more important is the ability to distribute funds wisely and to spend it.

Tips on how to save money in the family

Pondering how to save money in the family, the husband and wife don’t always see eye to eye on this issue. The husband may feel that his wife spends too much money on himself and his wife – that the husband is guilty of embezzlement. Therefore, an important item in the family economy should be the planning of means. Every funds coming into the family spouses need to agree on what and how much money will be spent. It is necessary to take into account such items of expenditure:

  • obligatory payments (utilities, payment of telephone conversations, the Internet, teaching children, insurance, etc.);
  • food – it is best to allocate a certain amount each week;
  • necessary purchases (clothing or shoes, car repairs, purchase of equipment) – this item can be divisive, so it is necessary to start with the most important and move as as far as budget, under this article;
  • rest – this item of expenditure cannot be ignored, as life becomes routine. If you do not spend money from this graphs, then transfer them to the next month and add to them put in next month;
  • reserve – not every family can have enough money for it, but we should strive to defer at least 5-10% of income.

When you are prescribed these, you will be able to see where and how much money you can withdraw, and also be able to track cash flow. Inability to plan is the main enemy of economy.

In addition, there are tips on how to save money:

  • buy quality items as poor quality shoes and clothes can last for long and lead to new spending;
  • don’t buy stuff in branded boutiques, where one has to pay for the thing, and for the brand;
  • household chemicals and hygiene products is better to buy in big packing containers, as it is more profitable;
  • appliances can be purchased in the effluent, where prices are lower due to minor defect.

Save money on menu for family

There are a few important tips to save money in the family for products:


  • Use for products a certain amount and try not to go beyond it. This will help to avoid excesses and unnecessary spending.
  • Immediately make a menu for the week. Don’t forget that it should be varied and balanced.
  • Buy products once a week to less likely to visit the supermarket where I want to buy everything and more.
  • Go to the store with a list of strictly not to make unplanned purchases that jolt the family out of budget.
  • Get a notebook in which to write a list of the first, second dishes and desserts that you can prepare. There are many recipes for inexpensive Как экономить деньги в семье?dishes that we forget, so this Notepad will allow you to remember how you can please the family and thus spend a small amount.
  • Track a product that takes you the most amount of money and try to find an alternative. If it’s meat, then learn to cook vegetables or fish cakes. If it’s sweets, I will have to buy bulk flour and sugar, and bake cookies and cakes yourself.


Knowing how to save money in the family, you can become the master of your finances and find free money that you never had.

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