7 misconceptions about diets and nutrition

Wanting to lose excess weight, many ladies are choosing newfangled diet that guarantees fast results and high efficiency. The realization that cutting diet or calorie foods, not carbs or fats entail negative consequences for the organism, does not come immediately. What are the dangers of diet?

7 misconceptions of supporters of the «right» food:

  1. Fat is a bad thing.Unbalanced nutrition, lack of food containing essential fatty acids leads to the risk of cardiovascular disease, problems with the liver.
  2. Carbohydrates – fight.Being the main source of brain activity, carbohydrates perform important stabilization function of the nervous system, are responsible for the activities of the digestive tract. Do not get involved buns, sweet drinks, eat a kilo of sweets a day. Give preference to cereals – buckwheat, oat, rice.


  3. Protein diet burn fat.Many fans protein diets forget that the lack of fat and Carbo in the diet for a long period of time leads to ketosis. Energy the body receives, breaking down carbohydrates, and their absence leads to the use of «internal reserves» – lipids. The liver synthesizes ketone acid, speakers replacing glucose. Prolonged production of these acids leads to the strongest intoxication and… a hospital bed.
  4. Diet is a great way to lose weight without workout.Limiting the calories, «raping» the body diets, ladies are glad to note the disappearing pounds. Forgetting that in 80% of cases after dietary weight «successfully» is returned.
  5. Bread is harmful to the body.Vitamins, minerals contained in the grain breads, you cannot replace analogs. Therefore, make a choice in favor of the dark varieties, trubnykh crispbread, multigrain cereal baking.
  6. Sweet – a source of weight gain.Dark chocolate, honey, dried fruit is a great way to replenish glucose, so necessary for mental activity. Limit the daily portion of two pieces of chocolate, couple of spoons of honey and a handful of dried fruit: your figure will not be harmed.
  7. Sports nutrition – ideal increase muscle mass.If you don’t aspire to win the laurels of the world champion in bodybuilding, don’t waste money on protein shakes and supplements. Balance the ration for protein, Carbo and fats, drink plenty of water, get active. Sitting in social networks and from the bed to build muscle is very problematic, even with sports nutrition.


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