7 motivation to make the bar each day

Practicality, simplicity and accessibility of the exercises, which involved its own weight, formed the basis of the popular fitness workouts. Strap is an effective way to pump up the muscles of the body, to bring them in tone. To perform you do not need branded clothes, workout or a lot of time. Doing 15 to 20 minutes each day (excluding time for warm-up), a couple of months you will be able to boast of great pressure, absence of pain in the spine, the beautiful shape of the hands.

To maintain interest in daily activities will help 7 motivations:

  1. Strap – perfect to acquire a flat stomach, to clean the folds «lifeline», to pump up the buttocks.Exercise, even in a light version (with support on hand from the wrist to the elbow and knees), allows you to pump the muscles: ventral – transverse and straight; the external oblique; the gluteal. In the sports purposes from their fortresses depend on the capacity of the body to lift heavy weight (for strength training), to perform crunches and sit-UPS. Making the bar every day, you will reduce the waist by 2-4 cm; will have beautiful buttocks, remove creases on the sides, back, which make women «caterpillar with perevozkami».


  2. Making exercise «plank» every day, you reduce the risk of back injuries and spine.Many women suffer from constant back pain: children, housework or at the office forces you to be a lot of time on the feet or in a sitting position, which negatively affects the spine. Exercise «Planck» does not create additional load on the Central rod of the skeleton, so fit ladies who are contraindicated for exercise with additional weights. The importance of its implementation every day is to regularly load on the muscles that support the skeleton.
  3. You will become more flexible plastic.

    Daily exercise weight contribute to the strengthening of muscles and stretching of the rear group of cords, shoulders, shoulder blades, clavicle; lower limbs, arms. In a month you will notice improved coordination and your movements in daily life will become more plastic. For developing flexibility use the bar with the elongated lift leg upward as in picture.

  4. You will become the owner of a magnificent posture.Pumping muscles of the abdomen, arm, back using the strap, you have an impact on strengthening the muscular frame neck, shoulders, chest. After a couple months of daily trainings you will notice a reluctance to stoop, sitting at the computer or walking with children, and the habit of keeping your back straight will stay with you for a long time (not causing pain, discomfort).
  5. You will learn how to balance.Have you ever tried to stand on one leg for a long period of time? Oddly enough, but significant role to strengthen abilities to balance… play the abdominal muscles. To achieve results will help the side plank, and exercise in uncovering the hands.
  6. Trying to find 10 minutes in the morning and evening for exercise, «strap», after 30 days you will notice improvement in the metabolic functions of the body.

    Static plank burns calories several times more than dynamic jumps, squats or bends. Motivation would be quietly disappeared pounds of excess weight, even in the absence of long training and sitting at the computer in the office. Starting each day metabolic process the exercise «plank», in parallel you improve the health of the digestive tract, skin condition, strengthen the heart muscle and vessels.

  7. Doing the plank every day, you normalize the nervous system.Physical activity improves the condition of the nervous system by stimulating the production of happiness hormones; removing the stiffness of muscles and joints, leading to impairment of nerve fibers. A short release of adrenaline into the bloodstream when performing plank has a positive effect on improving mental activity, the interaction of neurons and synapses in regions of the brain.


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