Polyphepanum for weight loss: indications and instructions for use

Common medicine that is used during the poisoning is Polyphepanum. Porous fibers absorb the decay products and remove them from the body, but sometimes used polyphepanum for weight loss. The effect of the weekly rate is not too large – 2-3 kg, but there is lightness, improves skin condition. Note that this will not break down fat, but only clears the digestive tract.

Instructions for use of polifepan

Polyphepanum for quick weight loss sold in pharmacies, he has a second name – Polyphane. It is available in two forms: capsules and powder. The drug is safe for humans, but not intended for frequent use. For sale without a prescription. It is based on porous wood particles, which absorb toxic substances, eliminating them from the body without digestion. Tablets zabyvayutsya liquid, and powder for weight loss diluted with water. Accurate dosage is calculated for each individual, it depends on the mass of the human body.

Indications for use

Drugs to cleanse the body created for one-time admission. They are used in cases of poisoning, during a hangover. They act as activated charcoal or Enterosgel – output negative components quickly and safely. But Polyphepanum used for weight loss those who are looking for laxative for weight loss at home. Fiber to cleanse the intestines, which helps restore metabolism. Deep impact removes toxins, detoxifies. The tool and gives the feeling of satiety.


How to bowel cleansing at home

After using the drug a feeling of fullness in the stomach. It reduces appetite, and helps to reduce caloric intake. If we restrict the diet, reduce portions, the effect will be more noticeable. Used Polyphepanum for effective weight loss an hour before meals. Scheme is as follows:

  1. For weight loss adult per day need to eat 12-15 tablets. They are divided into 3 parts and consume in the morning, before lunch and before bedtime.
  2. Powdered version mixed with water in proportions of 0.5-0.7 g per 1 kg of body weight.
  3. The liquid is also divided into 3-4 doses, before use, stir well.


People’s laxatives for weight loss have many contraindications. Together with feces they excrete nutrients: leached potassium, calcium, vitamins b, and E. Some minerals are no longer to digest, they are also absorbed by the fibers of the drug and does not enter the blood stream. Therefore, the maximum period of use Polyphepanum for effective weight loss – no more than 6 days. And after completing the course, you must drink an additional set of trace elements for recovery.

Dangerous use of the drug for children up to 18 years, using more than a week. The same effect of cleansing the bowel is obtained with 1-2 fasting days, if to eat right. POLYSORB is prohibited when:

  • pregnancy and breast feeding;
  • diabetes of any form;
  • regular constipation;
  • of Allergy to components of the medication;
  • gastritis anatsidnyh.

Reviews on weight loss

Olga, 24 years: Bought Polyphepanum on the recommendation of a friend, he helped her to lose weight in 5 days almost 4 lbs I Have effect reducing weight was much smaller – 6 days left only 2 kg of weight, and I drank the pills according to instructions. This is due to diet: I eat vegetables every day, so my intestines are not overloaded, and there was nothing to clean. Fat does not go away, tummy and sides remained.

Irina, 42 years: I was looking for diet pills cheap to remove the excess before my mom’s birthday. I Polyphepanum helped to shed 3 lbs. Gone belly, he «fell» inside. It was very beautiful, but after 3 weeks, all came back. The stable effect of the pill was not given, but short-term I was very satisfied. The main plus – I didn’t change anything in the diet and not engaged in sports.

Valentina, 36 years: I use the powder to cleanse the bowels regularly, not less than 3 times a year. He helps me to remove belly fat before the holidays, new year or festival. I have a little extra weight, just want to be more elegant. Liked the ease in the abdomen, less appetite. The doctor forbade him (Polyphepanum in pregnancy cannot be taken), returned feeling of heaviness.

Anna, 31 years: I bought Polyphepanum, after reading reviews in the Internet about losing weight. The drug didn’t help: it’s hard to swallow 4 or 5 pills at a time. In the stomach like bricks are formed, a very unpleasant. Yes and going to the toilet 6 times a day at work totally uncomfortable, so this option is not for me. I am 3 days not even dropped pounds, and it’s not slimming.


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