Chlamydia: symptoms in men, what are the first signs

Chlamydia infection is one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Its causative agent is found more often among the younger generation. There are several features possessed by chlamydia: symptoms in males can occur immediately or not at all, and the reason is microbes, not similar to bacteria or viruses. The first fact complicates diagnosis of infection, and the last of her treatment. The following from her appearance will help in time to find themselves with dangerous microorganisms.

As is evident in men chlamydia

Doctors say that in the first stage the disease is easily mistaken for a retarded baby, because they have little differences from each other. This fact prevents the separation of ailments. In addition, there are similarities with cystitis and prostatitis. Doctors advise in this case to be tested for chlamydia to detect the dangerous pathogen. Over time the signs of chlamydia in men appear more pronounced, allowing you to pinpoint the infection.


The first signs

How is chlamydia? The main way to get infected is sex, but there is other ways: household contact, the defeat of the child in utero or during childbirth. Here are the first signs of chlamydia:

  1. Discomfort when urinating. Urine becomes turbid hue with purulent streaks.
  2. Mild pain during urination.
  3. Highlight for chlamydia and have a slight transparent glassy structure. They are called «morning drop.» May be accompanied by an unpleasant odor.
  4. Itching and burning after urination.
  5. Weakness, malaise, mild fever.
  6. Pain in the groin area, swelling of the testicles.
  7. In severe cases the appearance of blood in the urine.

The symptoms of chronic chlamydia

That is the real danger of chronic urogenital chlamydia: numerous symptoms in men for a long time can not be felt. The person becomes a carrier and exposes a threat to catch their loved ones. When the diagnosis is confirmed treatment, which often lasts for several months because of chronic symptoms in men for chlamydia require long-term therapy. If possible complications until the development of infertility.

Chronic chlamydia occurs without symptoms, but sometimes the following manifestations:

  • pain in the process of emptying the bladder;
  • the secretion from the urethra drops of white fluid;
  • discomfort in the groin area;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

How is manifested chlamydia in men

Especially insidious timing of the appearance of chlamydia: the first symptoms in men reveal themselves only after 3-5 weeks. The incubation period lasts from 5 to 30 days, but often varies depending on the immunity of a particular person. The duration of incubation time influence of possible comorbidities, which often only complicate the disease.

Evidence of infestation is the appearance of the above sensations for a short time, when a microbe enters the body. Then they subsided, and the pathogen continues to attack the body, spreading through the organism, for example, affecting the visual organs. The symptoms of chlamydia of the eye in the form of redness, sensitivity to light and discomfort can appear 1-2 weeks after infection by the microorganism.

Video: symptoms of chlamydia

The health of everyone is in his hands. You need time to consult a doctor and get proper treatment. Only some diseases are very insidious and not manifest themselves for a long time. To avoid complications and at a very early stage to recognize the disease, see useful video explaining signals indicating the occurrence of chlamydia in the body.


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