Leech therapy, indications and contraindications, the use of leech therapy

Leech therapy is among the oldest techniques to get rid of numerous diseases. This method can save the patient from having surgery. Special leeches are used, the risk of infection in contact with them there. What is leech therapy, indications and contraindications of the method – the question that should be studied before using it. The unique property of the leech is the ability to feel diseased parts of the patient’s body.

How useful hirudotherapy

Leeches are annelid worms and blood-sucking ectoparasites. Medical species are organisms artificially grown in laboratories. Individuals that live in a natural environment for therapeutic purposes are not suitable. Each leech in the implementation of procedures is used only once. Biologically active points on the human body, the worm finds itself. The healing effect has the saliva of leeches, which penetrate into the blood.

If assigned leech therapy, indications and contraindications many of the method is very important. How useful leech:

  1. The saliva of leeches contain hyaluronidase, which is a kind of conductor, increases the sensitivity of human tissue. The enzyme contributes to the rapid penetration of useful components in the desired area of the body, organs.
  2. The salivary glands of worms is able to dissolve adhesions, eliminate scars, small tumor. It promotes the active use of hirudotherapy in cosmetology, gynecology, surgery, neurology.
  3. Secret, secreted by the leeches, dissolves cholesterol and harmful fats. Worms are used as a means to combat obesity, high cholesterol levels, impaired functioning of the digestive system.
  4. Human blood after saturation with saliva worm is enriched with nutrients that improve the General condition. Visible rejuvenation, cleansing the body of harmful components. The factor allows you to actively apply leeches in cosmetology, aesthetic surgery, in the fight against cellulite.

The indications for the procedure

Hirudotherapy is not only in specialized medical institutions. Leech therapy at home is no less common technique. A critical point is the acquisition of hearts. This should be done in pharmacies. In other outlets there is a risk of buying an ordinary wetland, and non-medical individuals. In advance it is necessary to set the point for hirudotherapy. If all these conditions sessions from a number of diseases.


What can be treated with leeches:

  • gynaecological diseases (myoma, cystitis, infertility, inflammatory processes of female genital organs, endometriosis);
  • cosmetic defects (acne, acne, pimples, psoriasis, Allergy on the skin, the need for rejuvenation of the skin);
  • cardiovascular disease (stroke, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis of vessels);
  • venous disease and varicose veins of the legs (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis);
  • neurological pathology (osteochondrosis, migraine, sciatica, epilepsy, insomnia);
  • endocrinological and autoimmune diseases (breast, bronchial asthma, thyroiditis);
  • inflammatory processes of the ocular organs (glaucoma, trauma or diseases);
  • urological diseases (treatment of hemorrhoids with leeches has high efficiency, renal colic, prostatitis, priapism);
  • cellulite and metabolic disorders (overweight, fat);
  • diabetes mellitus (in the presence of the disease must first carefully examine how the leech therapy, indications and contraindications of the method);
  • rheumatologic abnormalities (particularly observed efficacy in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, scleroderma);
  • diseases of ENT-organs (sinusitis, hearing problems, otitis media, congenital pathology of ENT-organs);
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (herniated disk, arthritis, spinal disease, lesions of bones and joints).

Scope of treatment covers all known branches of medicine. Some diseases can be cured only leeches. Effective addition to procedures with marsh worms is monoterapia. Sessions are the body healthy air. In medical practice these techniques use a single complex. The cost of treatment at the expense of additions will increase, but the result will be improved several times.

The flow chart of the procedure of hirudotherapy differs when exposed to different bodies. If treated in the liver, marsh worms are placed in the lumbar region. If you need to act on the ENT organs leeches are placed in submandibular region. Hirudotherapy for varicose is a kind of foot bath with water and a few leeches. Package price is calculated taking into account session time, the number of marsh worms.

Hirudotherapy in cosmetology has a high rate of efficiency. Leeches make the skin elastic, and removes small wrinkles, juvenile or age-related changes, give a healthy tone. For women swamp worms medical «destinations» are indispensable. Hirudotherapy in gynecology is used less frequently than in other procedures related to women’s health.

Contraindications to the use of hirudotherapy

Do not use leeches as a treatment with some exceptions. Leech therapy has indications and contraindications. The list of prohibitions is small, it includes specific diseases and individual sensitivity to the components included in the composition of the saliva of worms. The application of leeches is forbidden to patients with anemia, and hemophilia. Not perform the procedure for people with congenital bleeding blood. Prohibited contact with leeches if:

  • the patient’s pregnant state.
  • diagnosed diathesis;
  • identified physical and nervous exhaustion;
  • a person with low blood pressure.

In other situations, hirudotherapy harmless and will benefit any body. Among experts opinion on the effectiveness of the methodology is shared. Most of them believes the sessions are useful not only when needed, but also for prevention. If treatment with leeches, for and against can be discussed with your doctor. In this direction, as hirudotherapy, the main indications and contraindications are clarified before the session individually.

Video about leech therapy

Procedure hirudotherapy has its own characteristics. Visually creates the impression that the worm’s bite is painful and causes suffering. This is a misconception. The sessions are not forced to suffer patients. A good example of how the procedures are carried out, the video shows. Additionally, information is given about when the need hirudotherapy, the main indications and contraindications of the method.

Reviews about the outcome after treatment

Evgenia, 28 years: In my city (St. Petersburg) heard about the treatment with leeches a lot of positive feedback. Serious illnesses I have, and girudoterapiû decided to use as a preventive method. Surprisingly, these creatures were able to work a miracle. I became more active, climbed up the mood in the morning was easier to Wake up, feel the vigor and colds, I get sick much less often.

Cristina, 42 years: On the first session of hirudotherapy was with great fear. Thought it painful and unpleasant, and leeches were brought panic. To call the session a comfortable and relaxing is difficult, but it was not so scary. Suffer from varicose veins and leg pain have regularly. After treatment with leeches became noticeable not only physical but also visual improvements.

Alexander, 56 years: due to sedentary lifestyle I developed hemorrhoids. Tried to cope with the disease, but had to experiment with finding effective drugs. About hirudotherapy found out by accident, decided to try. Did not believe in success, but was pleasantly surprised when felt a bit better. Use candles I did not stop, and the leeches were part of a course of treatment.


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