Topiary of coffee with their hands: step-by-step master class with photo

Handicrafts can become not only a decoration, and a wonderful gift for friends and relatives. «Tree of happiness» – a topiary of coffee beans is suitable to all lovers of this delicious beverage, whether male or female. Beautiful and whimsical crafts, presented any significant event will be original and pleasing gifts that can decorate an apartment or office.

How to make a topiary of coffee beans with their hands

You have to think about how to make a topiary of coffee. First of all select the correct raw material. The tree was beautiful and fragrant, choose Arabica. The small grain size lying close to each other, leaving no free space. Smooth kernels are easy to decorate and look good in the interior. A few rules:

  1. For the trunk use sticks, twigs, wire, wrapped in ribbons, threads, urine or other materials.
  2. As containers, use plastic pots. They are easier to decorate in different techniques.
  3. The size of the pots must not exceed the size of the basis tree.

Crafts of coffee with their hands to make just. The basis of any form – it depends on the imagination and scrap materials. In order not to get bored in the process of hard work, to help, you can call the school age children. For them this kind of lesson or MK for the production of the tree of happiness will be useful. It inculcates punctuality and train motor skills of hands.


Coffee tree

This is the most popular form of topiary coffee. She would need to take:

  • balloon-based (e.g., a small ball or ornament);
  • the stick-gun.
  • coffee beans;
  • glue gun;
  • PVA glue;
  • paint;
  • 2 brushes;
  • paper napkins;
  • flower pot;
  • attributes of decoration (beads, ribbon, etc.)

The advantages of making crafts out of coffee with their hands is that apply various methods and to use any materials for decoration. If you are making a topiary of coffee with their hands, step by step instructions looks like this:

  1. Glue the napkin with glue PVA.
  2. When the glue is dry, make the basis of a cruciform cut.
  3. Glue the trunk of the future tree of happiness to the base with hot glue.
  4. Cover the base with brown paint and leave to dry.
  5. Trunk handle with glue and wrap the strips or threads (bast, trim), or ink.
  6. Stick the beans in two layers. The first layer should not cover the area around the trunk.
  7. The resulting tree is put in the pot, the bottom of which pour hotmelt.
  8. When the tree «grabbed», fill the bottle with rice or other grains, and pour over the paint with white glue.
  9. For the final decoration use remaining beans, beads or other materials that are placed in the pot.


Crafts made from coffee beans with their hands, made in the shape of a heart, will be a great gift for loved ones or the second half. The main difference in the manufacturing technology of such products and prepare the groundwork. Uses:

  • thick cardboard;
  • gypsum plaster;
  • threads;
  • paint;
  • 2 brushes;
  • paper napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • coffee beans.

Cut out 3 cardboard heart: 1 large and 2 smaller. Small hearts are glued on both sides a large. This preparation is pasted over with paper towels and covered with paint of a dark brown colour. After drying she wrapped the strands in a chaotic manner. The top layer of thread is applied plaster, prepared according to package directions. To get a voluminous heart, the grains are bonded in two layers. The first layer of grains is glued to the convex side up and second – up grooves.

Sunflowers from coffee and satin ribbons

Best manufacturing base of such products to take foam balls, which are sold in the store for needlework. Procedure:

  1. Using PVA glue glue to base of coffee beans that there were no gaps.
  2. For the petals of satin ribbons are yellow or orange.
  3. Ribbon handle glue or clear nail Polish so they will not be dismissed.
  4. Then put the decor in the shape of petals, in 2 layers glued on paper or cardboard Cup.
  5. Connecting ribbon petals and coffee at the core, you will receive a beautiful sunflower.

The topiary coffee and coins

As a gift for a housewarming, wedding or to attract good luck, wealth into the house will suit coffee tree decorated with coins. For such a product is used as usual the pennies, and coins of other States. Go Chinese coins with holes, which pass through the tape. Also decorative metal or real money is used for the decoration of a pot or other container for the figure, framing the trunk.

Video: coffee topiary with their hands master class

For fans of unusual gifts for yourself and loved ones held multiple master classes and workshops. Check out the video which details how to make topiary. To decorate your home in front of the cozy holiday to make crafts with their hands will help a video about Christmas tree of happiness. Needlewomen, the penchant for flavored drink, making a master class for the manufacture of topiary in the form of a Cup of coffee. Hack will be a real decoration not only for home kitchen, living room, and cozy coffee shops. The unusual design of the videos will please owners and guests.

Christmas topiary

A Cup of coffee


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