Best automatic blood pressure monitors: ratings, how to choose and what to buy

Now more and more people suffer from hypertension or hypotension. This means that in every home there should be a unit for measuring pressure. If you are going to purchase such a device, you must find out important information. Sort out what the best automatic blood pressure monitors on the market of medical equipment. Experience shows that these devices are now the most popular: they are accurate and easy to operate.

How to choose automatic tonometer to measure the pressure

Selection criteria of the device is extremely simple:

  1. The frequency and intensity of exploitation. Think about how often you and members of your family will use the device to measure the pressure of the person. The more often you are going to use it, the better and safer it should be.
  2. The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. If there are then it is better to pay attention to the machine with the function of detecting arrhythmia.
  3. The measuring principle. The device can be shoulder or wrist. Each model has advantages and disadvantages, which you can find below.

On the shoulder

The apparatus consists of a cuff and block display. To measure, you need to wear the cuff on the shoulder and simply press the activation button. The machine will pump air into the cuff, and then gradually release it. After a few seconds the screen will show the figures obtained. Some models spend 3-5 consecutive measurements, then give you the average result.

Clearly this is the most accurate automatic blood pressure cuff. The cuff of this device may be of different sizes: small, medium, large. The device will be ideal for older people because carpal model they will not give reliable results. Do automatic blood pressure monitors shortcomings? Sometimes their use impossible for people with hands too full. Cuff simply not put on, so the measurement is not to spend it.


On the wrist

Carpal model consists of a small cuff, which is attached to the control unit with display. They work on batteries. In order to measure, you need to wear a device on your wrist, press the start button. It will quickly display the performance of your pressure, pulse. Wrist devices are less functional than the shoulder, but they are compact, they can take with them everywhere. This is ideal for young people up to 45 years of age who do not suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

What automatic blood pressure monitor is better

The market presents a huge range of devices from different manufacturers. This diversity causes difficulties for people planning to buy a automatic blood pressure monitor with adapter or with batteries. If you can’t decide, read the information about the most popular manufacturers. Besides, who wants to buy a automatic tonometer, a rating of the best manufacturers, this will help.


This manufacturer of products for the health many years enjoyed popularity, holds a leading position in the market. In the range of a few meters at the shoulder and wrist. All devices recognized precision. According to statistics, model BP A100 Plus – the best automatic tonometer 2016. You should consider its features:

  • measures pressure in two technology – PAD and MOM, diagnose the arrhythmia;
  • the device has a built-in clock and calendar;
  • the phone memory can store up to 200 performance measurements;
  • for ease of use, the buttons are illuminated;
  • may perform one measurement or three, calculating an average result;
  • the presence of a timer with two audio alerts;
  • universal cuff, the length of which varies from 22 to 42 cm;
  • work on battery and plugged in, the charge indicator;
  • there is a special compartment to store the cuff.


The most famous representatives of:

  1. AND. The devices of this manufacturer are very popular in the market. They are reliable, high-quality, durable. The company offers shoulder and wrist pressure gauges for all the family, semi-automatic and mechanical. The most popular model AND UA 777 with optimal set of features. It is equipped with an intelligent control system Intellitronics, colour scale and an indicator of arrhythmia, memory 90 results.
  2. Omron. The company worked for many years on the market, makes a best automatic electronic sphygmomanometers. One of the most popular models is the Omron M2 Classic with adapter. It is equipped with intelligent technology Intellisence, 30 indicators, indicators of high blood pressure and arrhythmia, universal fan-shaped cuff follows the shape of the hands.

Made In Germany

The best German brands

  1. Beurer. The company offers high-quality certified meters at the shoulder and the wrist, running on AC and batteries. All models have a large amount of memory for measurements. Best models: ВМ16, ВМ20, ВС60, ВС08.
  2. HARTMANN. The famous German manufacturer of medical and hygiene products. The range has automatic and semi-automatic devices. Popular model: Tensoval duo control II, Tensoval Mobile, Tensoval Comfort.

Video about automatic and semi-automatic blood pressure monitors

In order better to understand than the above models differ from the semi-automatic, look at the following video. You will learn about all the advantages and features of the devices and find out how correctly to choose the automatic tonometer. After watching the review you will want to acquire a device for measuring the pressure to monitor health.


Anna, 55 years: With age, the pressure I changed. Acquired automatic meter because it is easier to use. On the advice of a salesperson selected device Microlip with adapter. I like how it works. Data is accurate, easy to use. I have this phone for three years, yet never been let down. I use it 2-3 times a day.

Oleg, 47 years: Long ago looked at blood pressure monitors automatic, which is better to buy, didn’t know. Took German, because in this country make quality electronics. Stayed at the firm Beurer. Thought about the model on the wrist, but the seller said, at my age, safer shoulder. I am glad that the device informs about high blood pressure, arrhythmia. The battery lasts for a long time.

Olya, 23 years: the probe chose not for himself but as a gift to mum. Took Japanese Omron M2 Classic. Use it as a family. The device works superbly, never doubted that it shows incorrect results. Glad that I didn’t bring semi-automatic version, although I recommend a semi-automatic. Convinced: OMRON releases high quality electronic measuring instruments.


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