The normal creatinine blood levels in women how to take biochemical analysis

Indicators of the biochemical diagnosis is very important. They are necessary to determine the condition of the excretory system and the condition of the muscles. Although the normal creatinine blood levels in women greatly exceed the men’s performance, a significant deviation from the permissible tolerance indicates a serious violation and is fraught with health problems. To understand what caused the increase in the content of substances and how to deal with it, will help this article.

How to pass a blood test for creatinine

The biochemistry results showed the most accurate results, you need to adhere to certain rules. The only way you will be able to determine the blood creatinine, Norma mmol/l which meets the requirements of a healthy body. A few days before diagnosing a person must limit physical activity on the body. In addition, the day before the procedure to reduce the consumption of protein to 200 g, to eliminate caffeinated drinks. Compliance with the rules ensures accurate indicators of biochemical analysis of blood.


What is the normal creatinine in women

The formation of matter occurs continuously and is associated with the metabolism. Creatine is the result of protein metabolism. The main place of synthesis is the liver, then the product is absorbed by the plasma, is carried to internal system. Excreted metabolite in urine, so the analysis used to determine the activity of the kidneys, the work of the skeleton. The normal creatinine in the blood of women ranges from 53 to 97 µmol, and an adult male 62-115. This difference is associated with a lower muscle mass the weaker sex, more gentle physical activity and intensity of metabolism.

Over the years the permissible limits of substances decrease. The result of biochemistry depends on the lab: everyone has their own standards. The results indicate the maximum and minimum permissible limits of the metabolite. If they are not marked, the information should be checked with the specialists of the laboratory, which was engaged in the diagnostics. Otherwise, such analyses may not be accepted by the attending physician.

What does elevated creatinine in the blood

Exceeding the maximum levels of the metabolite due to diseases or characteristics of the organism. If its measure is higher than the normal creatinine in the blood of women several times, this indicates serious problems with the kidneys. The violation indicate symptoms such as swelling, constant thirst and nausea. To increase the rate of product in the plasma may, if the excretory system works intermittently. To determine the deviation, it is necessary to diagnose the nitrogen content of urea.

The main causes of the high content of substances:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Oncology;
  • high pressure;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • excessive exercise;
  • eating too much meat;
  • antibiotics.

For the treatment assigned to treatments aimed at normalizing the work of the kidneys. If you’re not sure how to lower creatinine in blood, use these tips:

  1. Avoiding alcohol and nicotine.
  2. The patient must follow the diet to normalize the amount of protein, eliminate caffeine.
  3. To eat more non-carbonated drinking water.
  4. A normal level of physical activity.

Causes of low creatinine

Insufficient amount of metabolite is often due to a restricted intake of meat, fasting. Lowered creatinine in those who are taking corticosteroids, suffering from chronic liver disease. It is worth noting that with age, the amount of product protein synthesis gradually decreases in both sexes. During pregnancy noted a decreased creatinine in the blood in women. Please note that lack of substance is not considered a pathology, therefore, does not require special treatment.

Video: what is creatinine in the biochemical analysis of blood

Do you have kidney problems? Perhaps in the plasma exceeded the level of product processing protein and need medical intervention. To understand the essence of the problem will help this video. The video below will tell you about how is protein synthesis, what happens after education. You will learn what is creatinine in the analysis, what has caused the increase and low indicator and also how to normalize the metabolite.


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