Treatment of hemorrhoids after pregnancy childbirth and breastfeeding

Pregnancy is an unforgettable time for any woman. No matter, it proceeded smoothly or discomfort: the carrying and birth of a child brings great joy. However childbirth leave not the most pleasant consequences, and treatment of hemorrhoids after pregnancy is included in the list of almost every newly-made mother. If the time to take action, this disease can be treated quickly and painlessly. What methods are more effective, easy to understand by comparing them.

Causes of hemorrhoids after childbirth

While carrying the child the woman have to deal with various difficulties and additional stress. Because of this, suffers virtually the entire circulatory system, and the consequence can often be hemorrhoids. Not correctly to think that it can only arise during the birth itself. Often the first signs begin to appear at 6-7 months pregnant.

Reasons can still be called a weight gain, even sedentary work. Most of all, the disease manifests itself after birth from severe muscle strain. Hemorrhoids that do not cause discomfort, can get out. From this moment begins the most unpleasant, painful sensations that accompany a woman for a long time.

The symptoms of the disease

To recognize hemorrhoids is not difficult. The symptoms are difficult to compare with any other disease. Arise:

  • pain during bowel movements;
  • itching;
  • burning;
  • feeling of pressure in rectum;
  • feeling a foreign object in the rectum.

All this applies of hemorrhoids, if it is only at the stage of internal development. When nodes come out, they are impossible not to notice or feel. Moreover, their occurrence may be accompanied by bleeding and severe pain during defecation. If the external nodules can be treated in a simpler way, the treatment of internal hemorrhoids after pregnancy requires mandatory visits to the doctor and to take serious action.


How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

If you don’t know how to cure hemorrhoid after childbirth, will help you with the following tips and recipes. They are used by girls and women facing this problem. First we need to include in your daily regime:

  • therapeutic diet: fluid intake, dietary fiber, regular meals;
  • physical activity: gymnastics, yoga, running, walking;
  • personal hygiene.

All this will help to improve blood circulation, will contribute to a more easy excretion of stool from the bowel. It is crucial to consult a doctor until the hemorrhoids have developed into a more serious stage. He will conduct a complete examination and advise you on how best to deal with this problem. Remember that from active participation in the resolution of difficulties depends on your health. The sooner you ask for professional help from a specialist, the better! This advice is particularly true for those young mothers who during treatment it is necessary to feed their kids.

Drug therapy

Those who do not know how to cure internal hemorrhoids at home be able to help a variety of ointments, suppositories, creams and other preparations designed for self-treatment. They have a local effect. The course of treatment often prescribed in the instructions for use, so you will not be difficult to get rid of internal hemorrhoids without visiting the doctor. However, it would be best if the right medicine will assign you a specialist. If you do not know, what kind of doctor treats hemorrhoids in women – proctologist. He only deals with the treatment of such diseases.


With the development of external hemorrhoids and output nodes, consult a doctor because the lump may become inflamed and this will definitely lead to serious consequences. Treatment ointments, candles in this situation is unlikely to help, but will lower the pain threshold. In modern clinics, treatment surgery is done by special doctors Coloproctology who know all about the rectum and treatments of hemorrhoids. Be afraid to visit and especially the procedure of treatment is not necessary. The doctor will do everything painlessly, using local anesthesia.

Effective folk remedies for the treatment at home

There are many popular ways to treat internal hemorrhoids at home after giving birth, including breastfeeding. Here are some quick recipes:

  • Potato enema. You need a juicer to get potato juice and do an enema within 10 days. Potato juice helps eliminate itching and burning, strengthens the walls of the rectum. For one procedure you will need 30 ml of juice. External hemorrhoidal lump can be lubricated with castor oil.
  • Garlic ointment. For the preparation you will need a spoonful of honey, 200 grams of garlic (finely chopped or pressed), 50 ml of milk. For therapeutic ointment mix all ingredients and place on low heat. Stirring, bring to a boil. To lubricate, dampen a cotton pad or bandage and apply to the hemorrhoidal node for a few minutes. The treatment of external hemorrhoids in this case will be faster and more efficient.

Methods of prevention

The best remedy for hemorrhoids for women is a constant prevention. Start to monitor their diet. Eat less of those foods and spicy foods that may cause constipation will make the stool hard and will prevent its easy removal. Additionally, you can eat 100 grams of prunes a day, drink a spoonful of linseed or castor oil in the morning on an empty stomach. This will greatly facilitate the work of the intestine, and the process of defecation becomes much easier.

If you have a sedentary job, make sure you engage in physical activity. Yoga not only help to look good, but also stimulate the entire body. Gymnastics in the morning improves the circulation of blood in the body. The risk of hemorrhoids in people with active lifestyles are much less. In combination with proper nutrition such prevention will become the worst enemy of hemorrhoids and will help you to feel good every day!

Video: how to treat postpartum hemorrhoids lactation

Read more to learn what you receive hemorrhoids, how to treat and effectively cope with the disease during the lactation, will help you with the video below. Specialist in this field will talk about lessons learned, will help select drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids. You will recommend the people’s ways of getting rid of this disease. Don’t be afraid to ask this problem to the doctors because only they can prescribe the right medicine to treat hemorrhoids after pregnancy and in a timely manner to relieve you from an unpleasant illness.


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