Thrombosis hemorrhoid: treatment of acute, external and internal

Many are familiar with the unpleasant, serious disease hemorrhoids. It lasts for years, periodically there are stages of decline and aggravation. When hemorrhoids are present, but asymptomatic, can have serious consequences. Inflammation will occur immediately, as treatment will be discontinued, and the patient will be forgotten, will break a diet or start to lift weights. If time does not treat the disease, complications can occur, and even more unpleasant. The site of thrombosis is the most serious and dangerous of them.

What is hemorrhoidal thrombosis

The disease is a complication of the haemorrhoids, have fallen into a chronic condition. When expanding a vascular wall, the damaged area blood clot – thrombus. The more damage, the more there is of tumors. Thrombosis leads to the appearance of hemorrhoids, internal and external. The thrombosed vessel is the source of all subsequent problems. Straining, the change of power and other violations of the regime lead to the development of inflammatory processes. Their clinical picture is then divided into several different according to the degree of severity of the hemorrhoids:

  • First. The absence of inflammation, burning, painful defecation, itching after eating spicy, salty, alcohol or after exercise.
  • Second. Aggravated by walking and sitting pain, painful defecation, node bleeds, fever. External and internal hemorrhoids become inflamed, swell.
  • Third. The sharp, nagging pain, including during bowel movements, fever, reflex spasm, delaying urination. Thrombophlebitis is actively progressing. The nodes become swollen, sealed, turn blue. There may be necrosis of the haemorrhoid. The surrounding tissues become inflamed. Maybe the appearance of blood or the secretion of mucus trailing.

Signs thrombosed hemorrhoids should be cause for an urgent visit to the doctor. Any cause that can cause a rush of blood to the pelvic area can cause stretching and tearing of the veins and formation of blood clots. Thrombosis of the seal grows, the vessel wall under pressure from his party. Hence the sense of intolerable pain in the anus, the gait looks like «duck». Clots hemorrhoid can be formed as a consequences:


  • increase physical activity;
  • injury or damage to tissue in the region of the anus;
  • pregnancy or a difficult birth;
  • hypothermia;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • disorders of the digestive tract (constipation, diarrhea);
  • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  • practice some sports (weightlifters, cyclists, riders).

Thrombosis treatment at home

There are many methods of pain relief. Acute hemorrhoids can be treated with folk remedies only at the beginning of the disease! When aggravated thrombosis immediately contact the clinic! Specialist make a diagnosis, prescribe appropriate medicines and give advice, how to treat thrombosed hemorrhoids at any stage of its development. In the medicine Cabinet suffering from hemorrhoids person in case of aggravation must be drug «Detralex» anti-inflammatory ointment (Trembles, Heparin).

External hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids (without complications!) even when pregnancy is treated with:

  • The decoction of birch leaves. A handful of leaves, pour boiling water, to insist. Warm broth to pour in the sink or basin and sit.
  • The birch tar. Lubricate the outer host or to enter into the anus on a cotton or gauze swab.
  • Leeches. To put a leech on thrombosed external hemorrhoid. When she’ll suck blood and fall off, the node will decrease and dry up.

Internal hemorrhoid

For the treatment of thrombosis in internal hemorrhoids there is a lot of money. To ease the pain can be using:

  • Candles of chamomile. Decoction of dried flowers, pour in the fingertips, to tie, to freeze. They will reduce swelling and inflammation of hemorrhoids and pain.
  • Lotions with honey. Night compress with honey (a teaspoon on a soft cloth) will remove the inflammation will bring a warming, softening effect. In the morning thoroughly wash the place of contact of the honey with the skin.
  • Of raw potato. Thoroughly wash the potatoes, peel, cut into pieces, like candles, freeze. Insert into the anus for 30 minutes. Before the introduction of the candle to cleanse the bowels.

Videos about acute thrombosis and thrombectomy hemorrhoid

Physician-coloproctologist, specialist clinic gives detailed information on the thrombosis hemorrhoid (symptoms, clinical manifestations). Learn the methods of medical treatment of chronic hemorrhoids, descriptions of the various stages of its deterioration. The doctor draws attention to the importance of diagnosis, primary research on detection of the disease. In this video, we will start conservative therapy of thrombosis and thrombectomy (removal of thrombus). Knowledge will help you decide on a treatment, to get rid of blood clots and unbearable pain forever.


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