Treatment of hemorrhoids the suppositories and ointment from the inner and outer forms

Any disease gives the patient a lot of discomfort. This reduces the quality of life. Treatment of hemorrhoids the suppositories and ointments can help to relieve a person from disease. To avoid complications, you need to decide in what cases it is applied a certain medicine, as well as learn the peculiarities of use. You’ll learn about it from small review.

What plugs are used for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids

The cause of the internal form of the disease is rectal pressure that occurs in chronic constipation, pregnancy. A woman pushes during delivery, and this has an impact on the internal organs. It provokes the awakening of unpleasant diseases. Treatment of hemorrhoids the suppositories and ointment relieves symptoms, relieves pain, eliminates suppuration.

Therapy internal forms of the disease use of rectal candles is the simplest and most effective medicines that are prescribed by the doctor. The drug is injected into the anal passage before going to sleep, after all hygiene procedures. Remember: the drug has a local effect, therefore it is impossible to prevent falling through it into the rectum. The tool is retained in the body until complete dissolution.


The Drug Is «A Relief»:

  1. Virtually no contraindications.
  2. It is a universal medicine that reduces inflammation, has analgesic and antimicrobial mechanism.
  3. This medicine will help with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease.

The Drug «Protosun»:

  1. Used for the treatment of disease in a more dilapidated condition.
  2. Eliminates swelling.
  3. Stops the pain.
  4. Heals cracks and wounds.

Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy should have little impact on the fetus, so pay attention to not on price but on safety. Drug «Ichthyol»:

  1. Eliminates pain syndrome.
  2. Anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Natural substances contained in the medicine, regulate vascular tone, restores the mucosa.
  4. Therapy complementary drugs based on the extract of sea buckthorn.
  5. A feature of such means is an excellent healing properties, the ability to quickly remove the festering, itching.

Types of ointments for treating external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids the external type of the disease practically do not disturb the patient, no bleeding, pain is not very pronounced. However, timely therapy will relieve advanced stage, which is characterized by loss of the outer plexus. Quickly to cure the disease at home conservative method possible with aggregate measures, which eliminate the symptoms, improve the patient’s condition.

What ointment to treat hemorrhoids? The action of drugs for the treatment of the outer form is aimed at eliminating inflammation, swelling, irritation. The prescribing of drugs due to the ease of applying to external sites. The result from the medication occurs much faster than rectal suppositories. The Drug Is «A Relief»:

  1. It is a modern effective remedy on the basis of a substance shark liver.
  2. Removes suppuration.
  3. Actively heals damaged tissue.
  4. Stops the bleeding.
  5. Reduces itching.

Treatment of hemorrhoids ointment Vishnevsky:

  1. Ointment used to speed up tissue regeneration after anal fissure, removal of nodes.
  2. After causing the inflammation of the drug forms a protective oily film, which increases blood circulation, quickly relieves pain.
  3. The composition of the product includes the following components:
  • castor oil;
  • natural tar;
  • xeroform.

Video: is it possible to cure hemorrhoids with suppositories and ointments

Treatment of hemorrhoids modern candles and ointments involves the use of medicines rationally and on time. However, it is not always possible deliverance from an unpleasant disease with the help of medicines. In the video below you will learn about all the complications with self-healing, wrong therapy and modern methods that get rid of the ailment forever.


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