Japanese method of weight loss Fukuzumi: gymnastics with towel

The accelerated pace of civilization makes humanity move a little and eating poorly. Poor quality food causes the appearance of excess weight. A sedentary lifestyle is ruining your posture, makes a young man Sharlene creature. Japanese method of weight loss (health gymnastics) – the panacea to the problems. People with excessive weight often are not able to reset it with exercise in the gym is due to laziness, lack of money, presence of serious diseases. The method of Dr. Fukuzumi – cheap and effective way of correction without much effort.

The technique Dr. Fukuzumi

Japanese weight loss technique is a static exercise aimed at restoring the normal position of the organs and bones of the body. Over the years of practice, Dr. Fukuzumi concluded, based on the fact that people suffering from obesity subcostal and pelvic bones shifted visibly. Deviations lead to an accumulation of fat cells in the upper abdomen. An incorrect position of the pelvic bones provokes the appearance of fat in the suprapubic and umbilical areas.

Women are particularly vulnerable to different disorders of joints and bones as a result of suffering pregnancies and labors. If the system performing simple exercises from the program of the Japanese physician you will achieve stretching of the spine, and by eliminating distortions of bodies – will be able to reduce the amount of waist and to lose weight. Daily exercises will help:

  • to eliminate the symptoms of degenerative disc disease;
  • get rid of clamps and blocks the vertebrae;
  • to normalize the location of the bones of the shoulder-blades, ribs, pelvis.


The rules of performance of exercises with a roll of towels

Gymnastics Japanese slimming with a towel is one kind of stretch marks. It has been modified taking into account the fact that when exercising undergo the stretching of the muscles, ligaments and joints of the skeleton. Authorities as a result of the exercises are correctly positioned, start to work in acceptable mode, which promotes weight loss. Bones move and do not interfere with the functioning of vital systems of the body. The exercise is done as follows:

  1. To sit on a flat, hard surface, you will need to stretch your legs, align the lower back.
  2. Cushion to put behind.
  3. Next, you need to lie on your back, and the platen positioned at the navel.
  4. Feet should be at a distance of about 25 cm from each other, big toes touching, heels – apart.
  5. Hands exactly need to pull, rotate the palms down. The little fingers of both hands must touch.
  6. Lie in starting position 5 minutes.
  7. After completing the exercises quick lifting is prohibited.

Recommendations for gymnastics

Japanese exercises for slimming roller should be on a flat, solid base. The size of the roller is chosen according to personal feelings. When you perform the gymnastics necessary to feel tension but not pain. Enough to start the bead volume of towels in 5 see further increases to 20 cm roll Length shall not be less than 40 cm Invigorating exercise outdoors. The displacement of the roller under the rib cage and the rib portion:

  • improve your posture;
  • tighten the chest;
  • contribute weight loss the upper abdomen;
  • make a pronounced waist.

The combination of exercises with the Japanese diet

A perfect complement to daily exercise is possible using the rules of the Japanese diet. Its essence is to restrict daily caloric intake. In women under 1200-1400 calories and up to 1500-1700 calories for men. The power supply system is very diverse, includes the consumption of tasty and healthy soups, vegetable dishes. Low energy value of food consumed helps to remove excess fat deposits, improve the results of the Japanese method of weight loss.


Exercises according to the method of Dr. Fukuzumi requires prior consultation with a specialist. The presence of scoliosis, intervertebral hernias and other diseases – a reason to go to the doctor. Japanese method of weight loss should not be used in women during the year after childbirth. If any pain it is necessary to revise the parameters of the stretching.

Video tutorial: how to make Japanese exercises for weight loss

A method of weight loss doctors Fukuzumi is an effective tool to combat obesity, many kinds of diseases of the spinal column, the musculoskeletal system. Doing a simple exercise every day for months, you will achieve excellent results. Among them is the reduction of the waist, the disappearance of back pain and sagging belly, weight loss. Comprehensive gentle recovery with gentle exercise – the main goal of the Japanese gymnastics. Get acquainted with the method of Dr. Fukuzumi you can by watching this video tutorial.

Reviews on the effectiveness of the technique

Andrew, 27 years: a Long time back were aching. Much has taken to get rid of this problem, but nothing helped. The physiotherapist advised Japanese gymnastics for doctor Fukuzumi. After 2 weeks of exercises the pain syndrome due to lumbar degenerative disc disease is absolutely gone. Improved health, a sense of lightness.

Olga, 36 years: After the birth there were complications with the pelvic bones. Dragging pain in the coccyx haunted, belly was unattractive. A Japanese friend advised me scheme of losing weight. For a month waist has acquired the desired curves, the coccyx is no longer disturbed. Exercises along with Japanese diet give good results – the body becomes supple and flexible.

Elena, 25 years: was complexed because of hanging over pants belly. Massage, fitness, wrap – nothing brought results. I decided to try the Japanese diet system. This week the scales showed minus 3 kg. Inspired by these numbers, continued to use the scheme. After 2 months the body has got attractive contours, improved posture.


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