How not to eat at night to not get fat and what to eat in the evening

A little problem, how not to eat at night, worried about the millions of women. The ladies try to follow the advice for maintaining health. Many every night before going to bed, hard struggle begins between his willpower and desires. In a state of hungry, hard to sleep, but with a full stomach restless sleep. Also, overeating before going to sleep extremely negative effect on the figure. Diet is no longer held. Try to find your way out of this difficult situation. Find out whether you can lose weight, if you do not eat after 6.

What can I eat at night

Despair not, because the problem is solvable. What to eat at night? Carbohydrates will quickly saturate your body, create a feeling of relaxation will help you fall asleep faster, and body weight will remain the same. You don’t have to eat. If you really want to snack you should choose to a late dinner, light foods by 100-200 kcal, containing proteins and carbohydrates, such as:


  • watermelon;
  • fruits;
  • nuts;
  • whole grain crackers;
  • muesli;
  • unsweetened dairy products: low fat yogurt/cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • a bit of boiled chicken/white fish;
  • egg
  • vegetables.

Why it is harmful to eat in the evening

When permanent late hearty suppers are deposited not only extra pounds. The weight gain progresses. At the same time ruined health. Why is bad to eat at night? First, calories in the body, not burned. Product, eaten at bedtime, not digested, as the digestive processes are slowed down. This has a negative impact on the immune system. Gastrointestinal tract does not receive guests. The exception can make people suffering from ulcer, they need to eat more often.

Can I eat fruits

Before going to sleep, as at other times of the day, you can eat fruits or berries. Here, however, is especially important to know when to stop. Included in fruits is not the safest substance. Glucose and fructose are very insidious. If you eat a lot of fruits, they will cause even more hunger. Great option for late dinner – a grapefruit, it is low-calorie. Can I eat watermelon at night when dieting? This low-calorie berry: the body quickly digest the food, and the problem of how not to eat at night, will be solved. Watermelon is not only not harmful, but even useful: it will help at night to cleansed of toxins.

How to stop eating at night

Unlearning night trips to the fridge and stop thinking about how not to eat at night, will help you with the following recommendations:

  • Properly spread meals throughout the day. The evening ration should not exceed more than 20% of the entire menu.
  • If the feeling of hunger before bedtime too worried, drink a glass of yogurt or green tea. The liquid will help trick the stomach, simulating the filling.
  • The body needs at least 12 hours between meals (morning and evening), in order to recover well.
  • Create a bedtime new and exciting activities that will relieve you from thinking about food.

Video: what to eat at night and not get fat

Positive watch the video below to see the advice of a skilled dietician about what to eat before bed. Together with the leading roller will design the evening menu separately for women and men considering the fact that the psychology of power varies. You will understand that it is preferable to eat at night and what not. Learn why it is so harmful overeating before bedtime. Remember, how many hours before bedtime you can eat without harming the figure and the body.


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