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I rarely write about paid programs, but if to speak about simple and functional video editor in Russian language for novice users, which would be recommended, to mind, besides Movavi Video Editor, little comes.

Windows Movie Maker not bad, but much too limited, especially if we talk about the supported formats. Some free software for making and editing video can offer great features, but lack the simplicity and interface language.

Various editors, video converters and other programs relevant to working with video today (when digital camera has everyone in his pocket) is popular not only among the editors, but also among ordinary users. And, assuming we need a simple video editor, which easily can handle any average user and, especially in the presence of artistic taste, easy to make decent movies for personal use of existing material from a variety of sources, besides Movavi Video Editor, I have little to advise.

Installing and using Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is available for download from the official site in versions for Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, and XP, there is also a video editor version of Mac OS X.

Thus, in order to try how it fits you you have a free 7 days (on top of the created in the free trial version of the video will appear with the information that it is made in the trial version). The cost of a perpetual license at the time of this writing — 1290 rubles (but there is a way to significantly reduce this figure, will be described later).

Installation is no different from installing other programs for the computer, except that on the setup screen with the choice of its type, where the default selected «Complete (recommended)» recommend that you have another to choose «configure settings» and remove all marks, as «Yandex Elements», I assume you don’t need, nor want and to work the video editor.

After the first launch Movavi Video Editor, you will be prompted to set the parameters for the project (i.e., future film). If you don’t know what options to set — just leave those settings that were installed by default and click «OK».

In the next step you will see the congratulations on the establishment of the first film, the summary in the following steps, and click «Read the manual». If you really plan to use the program as intended, I recommend to click this button because the manual is excellent, comprehensive and will help you achieve the results that are required (you can easily access the manual Movavi Video Editor at any time via the menu «help» — «user’s Guide».

I have the same instructions, you will not find, only a rather brief description of the features of video editing, editing, adding effects and transitions, and other features of the program, that might interest you.

The editor interface is a simplified version of the software for non-linear editing:

  • Below is a «timeline» containing the tracks video (or images) and audio files. For them there are two videos (you can add a video over another video), sound, music and voice guidance — as you want (limited, I think there is, but not experimented).
  • The top left menu access to adding and writing files, and the items for the gallery transitions, titles, effects, and settings of the selected clip (under the clip I here and below is understood as any fragment of audio, video, or image in the timeline).
  • At the top right of the preview window the contents of the pasteboard.

Using Movavi Video Editor will not pose much difficulty even for novice users, especially if you look at the manual (it is in Russian) on issues of interest. Among the features of the program:

  • The ability to crop, rotate, change speed and perform other manipulations with the video.
  • Glue any video (most of the necessary codecs, for example, to use video with your iPhone, the program sets automatically), image.
  • Add sound, music, text, and customize them.
  • Record video from the webcam to insert into the project. Record your computer screen (installation required not a standalone Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Video Suite).
  • Adding video effects, animated titles from the gallery, the transitions between the individual video fragments or images.
  • Configure settings for each individual clip, including color, translucency, scale, and other properties.

On completion, you can save the project (in native format Movavi), that is, not the film, namely the project file, which can then continue to edit at any time.

Or to export a project to media file (i.e. video format), export available in different formats (can be set manually), there are predefined settings save for Android, iPhone and iPad, for publishing to YouTube and other options.

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The official website where you can download Movavi video editor and other products of the company

I wrote that your what to buy at the price less than marked on the official website. How to do: after installing the trial version, go to control Panel — Programs and features, find the list of Movavi Video Editor and click «Delete». Before deleting you will be prompted to purchase a license at a discount of 40 per cent (at the time of writing the review). But to find where to download the full version video editor for free I do not recommend.

It should be noted that Movavi is the developer, and in case of any problems or questions on using their products you can easily, quickly and in a familiar language to communicate with support team in different ways (see the support section on the official website). Might also be interested in: best free video converters.

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