Remove the belly for the wedding

First of all, the configuration of the tummy depends on the condition of the anterior abdominal wall muscles and fat. Normally, if the abdominal wall protrudes only slightly, and the visible relief of muscle. The muscle tissue of the anterior abdominal parts is of great importance. The relaxation of this part of the muscles leads to the formation of a hanging belly.

Убираем живот к свадьбе

To prevent the decrepitude of the anterior abdominal wall muscles, you need to always keep exactly the back and to train the abdominal muscles.

Complex jobs for toning abdominal muscles

Lesson 1. You must lie down on your back, tighten your fingers behind his neck, locking legs and lift the head and shoulder part. Stay in this position for 3-4 seconds.

Lesson 2. Down on the Mat. To raise and lower the straight leg.

Lesson 3. Lie down on your back, put your hands along the body, to make stoecke on the shoulder blades and slowly return to its normal position.

Lesson 4. To lie on back, raise legs to create an angle of 45 degrees, then return to the supine position. Without lifting feet off the floor, lift the body and return to its original position.

Lesson 5. Kneel, place the handles on the belt and do a circular motion on the body in a clockwise direction, then the other side.

Lesson 6. Standing on the knees, not the hip joints, to bend, curving back and then return to its original position.

Lesson 7. Become straight, slowly bend the leg at the knee, pulling the handles to the abdomen, and return to its original position. Do the same with the second leg.

Lesson 8. Hanging on gymnastic ladder, to make a circular kicking motion.

Lesson 9. In the pose of vis on a gymnastic ladder legs to bend and lift to the bust, to play back repeatedly.

Lesson 10. To lie down on your back and make a circular kicking motion in different directions.

All these lessons can be done harder if you firmly hold the feet to the ball, to perform two movements simultaneously. To do all the tasks necessary not less than 15-20 times.

For fastening the transverse abdominal muscles, you must do these tasks: to inhale and pull the belly in, keep in this state for 7-8 seconds, then relax. This exercise is repeated no less than 5-8 times.

Following all exercises, a month will be a solid result. But in order to lose weight, in addition to physical exercises you also need to reconsider your diet of table – try to limit the intake of high-calorie food.

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