Why is my sound from speakers computer?

It so happens that we’re going to look at computer a new episode of the favorite series, videos on YouTube, listen to music, play games and suddenly find that there is no sound. Check the volume, and it turns out that it’s not her. Why else can be lost sound from the speakers of the computer?

Почему пропал звук из колонок компьютера?


1. First, it is worth remembering that the volume is adjusted not just on the speakers. There is also a corresponding icon on the toolbar in Windows. Pay attention: if there is a silent mode, just disable it and the problem will be solved. Also not superfluous will remind, that the volume settings have players — like the ones installed on the computer, and those that reproduce videos online on websites. Let’s see what there is volume, and not muted at all.

2. The second possible reason, of course, hardware. Speakers or wires that provide their connection, can sooner or later fail. It is also possible that the speakers plug is not securely inserted into the slot, or someone accidentally or unknowingly plugged it into the wrong connector. The columns have the green plug, they need to be connected to the Jack of the same color.

3. Perhaps you have not installed the relevant codecs responsible for audio playback. This situation can occur when you reinstall or upgrade the operating system. When you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 codec should be all right, but when upgrading from older versions of the codec still can be irrelevant. In this case it needs to be updated. Download the actual codec pack and install. Only use official and reliable sources, so as not to infect your computer malware.

4. Maybe the actual driver, but he for some reason has stopped responding. It happens often, so if you did not reinstall the system, just to throw to update the driver no need. To start, try just to restart your computer — in most cases it helps. But if the sound starts to disappear regularly will most likely need to reinstall Windows.

5. Finally, perhaps you have a broken sound card. If you see that the system is working as it should, speakers are serviceable, but the sound no, such variant is quite probable. You can check this by putting another sound card and installing the drivers for it. If with the new card everything works, but not with the old, concludes that this component should be repaired or replaced.

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