How to decorate a pillowcase monogram

Decoration monogrammed tablecloths and bedding — this is a beautiful old tradition, unfortunately, almost forgotten. Hand embroidery looks very elegant. Each pillow is decorated with a monogram, it becomes unique. The following tips and recommendations for this cross. Try it, and this pleasant experience will definitely please you with the result.

подушка с монограммой

You will need

  • — pillowcase
  • — embroidery floss
  • — needle
  • — scissors


1. For embroidery you must choose a thin, sharp needle and a double thread of twisted six strings. Depending on how wide the stitch, enter the needle at more or less bias. When the small embroidery monograms stitch should be small, the needle is almost vertical.
For fashionable, modern monograms fit slim stitch-lace. More «vintage» initial embroidered with satin. Both seam very light and therefore are most commonly used. You can also combine both techniques. Wide fragments of the letters in satin stitch, and narrow drawstring.

2. Embroidery is the technique of «Lace». The needle is introduced at the bottom of the material in the designated line and for a couple millimeters above pulling. Entered to the left from the center and gently stretch again. Then repeat.

3. Satin stitch embroidery. The surface is a wider version of lace. The stitches need to do close to each other, and the thread is removed a little beyond the marked pattern. Threads do not pull too hard. The thread must be stretched equally.

4. Threads should never fasten the knot, because later it becomes more visible. Starting to embroider, leave the loose end of the thread, and after the cross both end of the thread attach the bottom by dragging them through a few stitches.

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