Sew a heating pad on a mug from felt

So simple in execution, but very unusual warmer mugs for office will make the tea more informal and will allow you to keep the tea hot longer. And yet even the simple mug, supplemented with such clothes will be a nice souvenir for almost any celebration.

Шьем грелку на кружку из фетра

To make a mug warmer, you will need felt in three colors (green, red, white), thread, string or hat elastic, 3 buttons in the color of the felt.


1. Determine the size of future warmer for mugs. To do this, measure the height of the mug and its girth. By that standard cut out pattern — rectangle (height = height circles minus about 1 cm, length — girth circles). Also prepare templates of circles of two sizes (large about 2-3 cm, small — 1-2 cm). The exact size of the templates of circles depends on the height of the circles along the diameter of the circles must be equal to the height of the warmer minus 1 cm.

2. Cut out the rectangle using a pattern from green felt and circles from red and white.

3. Lay the decoration on the main body of the warmer. Please note that all items are placed symmetrically. For each red circle place two of the same size — the white and red. Pin decor pins and make a vertical stitch on the sewing machine.

Шьем грелку на кружку из фетра

4. To the narrow edges of the mug warmer to sew the buttonholes and buttons. Before you sew the buttonholes, try the product on a mug, the size of the loops is not too large.

Helpful hint: it is not necessary to blindly act on the above instructions. Purchase felt not strictly above-mentioned colours, namely, those that will like you, will seem the most harmonious. Try changing the finish, for example, not cut circles, and flowers or other details, depending on the desires and skills.

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