How to remove a tick from the skin and what to do then

In recent time ticks away frequent phenomenon even in areas where they never happened. What to do when stuck mite found in yourself or someone from relatives or friends? There is a very effective and simple method of removal is with a syringe.

Клеща можно и нужно быстро удалить

You will need

  • A plastic syringe (preferably 5 ml);
  • sharp knife;
  • vaseline (any cream);
  • disinfectant (alcohol, vodka).


1. Trim the tip of the syringe with needle sharp knife (preferably as straight as possible).

Обрезать шприц ровно

2. Lubricate the cut of the cylinder of the syringe with vaseline (the cream) for best contact with skin. If there is neither the one nor the other, it is possible to moisten the cut with the saliva.

3. Lower the piston down. Tightly put the hollow part of the cylinder of the syringe to the skin where the tick is stuck, and pull the stem upwards, creating a vacuum inside. Under the influence of suction power mite will gradually creep out of the skin.

Потянуть шток шприца вверх

4. Lubricate the bite site with alcohol or antiseptic (alcohol, chlorhexidine) to disinfect the wound.

5. If you doubt that mite safe, save it for examination, having put in a sealed vessel with a piece of wet cloth (so that the tick does not dry out and remained alive). Bottle store in the refrigerator.

Сохраните клеща для экспертизы

6. Please bring the tick to the lab. About the location of such centres can be found in the Internet or by calling an ambulance.

7. In the medical center, the victim is usually given an injection of immunoglobulin protivokleschevoy.

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