Unusual and environmentally friendly: materials for walls

Green design is in fashion today may be because too many synthetic materials around us. But it’s not the only reason. The decor in this style and soothes, adjusts to the positive.

Необычно и экологично: материалы для отделки стен

Modern eco-friendly materials combine the safety of nature and the most modern technology. Although natural materials are rather expensive, they should be used in the decoration of an apartment or house, because they are not only beautiful but also extremely durable.

Eco-friendly Wallpaper

It’s not just a simple paper wall-paper. For this type of finishing materials should be attributed and Wallpaper made of natural fabrics (cotton, silk, flax), paper from such exotic in our latitudes, «source», as bamboo, papyrus. And designers create unique ekooboi with elements of plants.

Ceramic tile

Beautiful ceramic tiles can be found for finishing almost any surface of the apartment. The variety of colors, patterns, textures tiles some manufacturers simply stunning!


The glass panel of transparent or translucent glass, glass blocks are perfect to decorate both spacious and small rooms. After all, with all the functionality, glass partitions they do not reduce the amount of natural light that is so important!


Today, wood trim is not the acquisition of siding and trim nailing her to the wall, but more interesting options decor. Interior designers are actively using panels of solid oak, maple and more exotic varieties. Partition of a supposedly nearly raw planks can be easily zoned room or decorate a wall of original mosaic coconut tiles.


This beautiful and very durable material, more returns to the interiors of the apartments. Yes, it is an expensive finish, but you can find slices of various species on a flexible basis (this reduces the cost of finishing material and simplifies the installation). Wall of natural stone does not require repair for a long time. A cheaper option is the brick, also highly relevant in the design of living rooms, hallways and even bedrooms.

Green wall

This is the most environmentally friendly way to decorate a wall, because the wall becomes in the truest sense of the word green, that is composed of plants. With this method finishes, the wall becomes something of a vegetable garden with raised beds in which are planted suitable plants. The green wall will not only please the eye, but will increase the amount of oxygen in the air, and will even allow you to get some greens for dinner.

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