How to handle a garden in the spring

Many gardeners every summer have to share your harvest with pests, and often they got the lion’s share of fruits and berries. In this case, you should definitely think about preventive treatment of plants since early spring.

Весенняя обработка - важнейший способ сохранить урожай

You will need

  • — urea (otherwise called urea), nitrogen fertilizer;
  • — preparation of the chorus;
  • — the drug is Imminent;
  • — drug Fufanon;
  • — drug Akhtar;
  • — the drug Zircon;
  • condition;
  • — copper sulphate.


1. Early spring (or even late February). In the afternoon, on a nice day when the temperature rises above +5, you fail to whitewash the tree trunks to the height of a man (rather than 0.5 m, as is usually the case), and in forks of branches. This way you will protect plants from frost-clefts and cracks.

Побелка весной - обязательный этап

2. In mid-March — early April, spray trees and shrubs 7% urea solution by dissolving 700 g of granules of fertilizer in 10 litres of water. Add another 50 g of copper sulfate. Thanks to this mix you will get rid of pathogenic spores and from many overwintering pests. In addition, this technique will allow you to make plant nutrition.

Мочевина борется с болезнями и вредителями

3. At the time when the leaves are just going to arise (the phase «green cone»), it is necessary to spray the plants with a mixture of drugs against diseases and pests. If a cool (below +15C), you can use the fungicide chorus with insecticide Fufanon (dissolve in 1 liter of water specified in the instructions of the dosages, and then dilute the concentrate in 9 l water).

Фаза "зеленый конус"

4. When the plants entered a phase of «rosebud» (the flower buds are preparing to dissolution), spend another spraying with a mixture of drugs, but others (to the pest was not addictive). In this case, a mixture of drugs Soon and Akhtar. Prepared as described above.

Фаза "розовый бутон"

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