The rate of hormones in women can be table

Норма гормонов у женщин - таблицаHormones can vary even in healthy women, depending on various factors. It is affected by the phase of the menstrual cycle, the presence of stresses, diseases. The results of hormonal studies will give patients qualified information about the state of her health. If the doctor will notice that the tests for female hormones are abnormal, it may be suspected gynecologic or endocrine disorder.

Estrogen and estradiol

Estrogen is the major female hormones and their compliance with the rule is of great importance for well-being and even appearance of the patient. Its deficiency may lead to the following consequences:

  • menstrual dysfunction;
  • emotional disorders;
  • the deterioration in libido;
  • the appearance of skin problems.

The surplus too is of no benefit and has a negative impact on the body, for example, leads to excess weight, diseases of the reproductive system, and even tumors.

Estradiol belongs to the estrogen and affects the changes that occur after puberty. The level tells the doctor about the condition of the ovaries and will help to identify problems with the menstrual cycle.


When the patient is undergoing an examination by a gynecologist, she can assign the analysis of progesterone. The norm of these female hormones in women are important for the possibility of conception and carrying a baby. If during this cycle there is no change in the level of progesterone, the doctor can draw a conclusion about the absence of ovulation. Low value during pregnancy will be the reason for the prescription, without which the practice will not be successful.

Норма гормонов у женщин - таблица
Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating (FSH)

FSH is responsible for follicular growth and egg maturation, while LH stimulates the process of ovulation. The extent to which these female hormones are responsible for the table of norms gives grounds to draw conclusions about ability to conceive. High levels of LH and FSH may indicate infertility.

Норма гормонов у женщин - таблица

Do not try to decipher the norms and deviations of female hormones in the analyses. The specialist will look not only at individual results, but also on their ratio. For example, the important diagnostic value has the ratio of LH to FSH. According to this result, the physician is able to suspect polycystic ovarian syndrome or a tumor, and to appoint further examination.

It should be understood that all deviations from the norm in the table of hormones in women should be extremely professional and don’t tolerate any medication.

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