Analysis on prolactin — training

Анализ на пролактин - подготовкаProlactin is a hormone of the reproductive system of man. With the help of the prolactin regulated by the mammary glands of women during pregnancy, prolactin is responsible for the presence of milk.

With proper examination in about half of women have discovered an increased level of this hormone. If you have irregular menstrual cycle, it also suggests that you need to check your blood for prolactin.

This analysis is required for women with these indications:

  • lack of ovulation or menstruation;
  • bleeding of the uterus;
  • infertility;
  • seals in the chest.

Prolactin — preparation for testing

To determine the present level of the hormone the blood test you need to pass in a certain period of the menstrual cycle, and on day 6-7 after the onset of menstruation.

The results of a blood test for prolactin answered really need special training. You want to exclude activities that contribute to the level of this hormone.

Most active prolactin is produced during sexual arousal, so part of the preparation of surrender of prolactin, will be the exclusion of any sexual relations. Also you should refrain from visiting saunas, alcohol intake, do not be nervous and take care of your Breasts, as any trauma to the breast increase the release of prolactin in the blood. The preparation for delivery of the analysis on prolactin will be the rejection of the Breakfast, and Smoking for several hours before blood, as the analysis is carried out on an empty stomach.

In the manipulation room to inform the nurse information about your cycle, pregnancy, menopause, about your medications, all affect the concentration of hormone in the blood.

If you carefully observe all of the recommendations and the results of the study have promoted this hormone not rush to conclusions, try to get tested for prolactin a little later again, in any case, while not neglecting the preparation for it.

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