Hematometra after curettage

Гематометра после выскабливанияHematometra formed after curettage, is a such a violation, in which there is obstruction of outflow of blood from the uterine cavity. As you know, the scraping, is a very traumatic procedure, which is inevitable damage to the uterine myometrium. It is of his blood vessels and causes blood, which, having no outflow, collects in the cavity of the uterus. Let’s consider such violation in more detail and highlight the main symptoms, characteristic for hematometra.

How does such gynecological violation?

For a start, it should be noted that to develop this disease may almost immediately after curettage of the uterine cavity, and after some time (2-3 days). A direct mechanism for the development of hematometra is the formation of so-called tube of particles of the endometrium, which after the cleaning pass through the uterine cervix and are looking for a way out.

The main signs developed after scraping hematometra include:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • sweating;
  • increase heart rate;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • cramping abdominal pain;
  • headache, dizziness.

It should be noted that in most cases, such symptoms developed suddenly, against the background of complete well-being.

What can be dangerous such violation?

Having dealt with what hematometra occurred after cleaning, it is necessary to say that in itself this violation is very dangerous to women’s health. Time has not detected the disease can lead to the development of purulent process in the genital organs, which in turn negatively affects the reproductive function. If the infection enters the bloodstream and is poisoning, sepsis occurs, which can result in death.

In cases where hematometra has more dimensions (in later to the doctor), can be shown complete removal of the uterus.

How is the treatment of hematometra formed after curettage?

When diagnosing such disorders doctors in the first place are resorting to drug therapies. While prescribers to stimulate uterine contractions. Along with them, the woman accepts and antispasmodic drugs, which are designed to eliminate painful phenomena (Nospanum, Papaverine).

Гематометра после выскабливанияAlso, if hematometra quite extensive and not amenable to medical expulsion from the uterus, doctors have resorted to using alternatives. Thus, in particular the uterine cavity is entered through a tube, is the extraction of entities.

In those cases, when in the womb there is an inflammatory process, before carrying out this procedure, doctors take a course of antibiotic therapy, and only then proceed to the drainage cavity.

Thus, before you treat hematometra, the doctor inspects with the help of ultrasound of the uterine cavity, assessing the size and only then decides on the choice methods of therapy.

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