Prevention of dysbacteriosis of the vagina

Профилактика дисбактериоза влагалищаUnder dysbiosis of vagina in gynecology commonly understood such violation, in which the change of its mikrobiotsenoza, i.e. there is a change in the composition of the microflora. As a rule, in such cases, there is a sharp decline or even the disappearance of lactobacilli, which constitute the basis of the normal vaginal flora. Let’s take a closer look at this offense and tell you about how to manifest dysbiosis of the vagina, as well as how to prevention.

What are the main symptoms of this disease?

To define such a violation as a dysbiosis of the vagina, women usually is not too difficult. It is characterized, primarily, an abundant and rather long vaginal discharge, which often have a pungent, very unpleasant smell. All this is accompanied by burning and itching in the labia majora, and inside the vagina. Thus, as a rule, disrupted the process of urination. As a result of reduced acidity of the vagina often can be observed the joining of a certain number of diseases of bacterial origin (endometritis, colpitis, salpingoophoritis).

How to get rid of dysbiosis vagina?

This question is of interest to almost every woman, faced with a similar pathology. Профилактика дисбактериоза влагалищаDespite the fact that such a violation is not hazardous to the organism and the steady increase in the number of pathogenic bacteria in the reproductive organs leads to the development of infectious and inflammatory processes.

To prevent the development of permanent vaginal dysbacteriosis, in gynecological practice, the so-called normoflorin, — medicinal substances that normalize the microflora of the vagina. An example of this kind of drugs can be the biocomplexes of Normoflorin-B, Normoflorin-D. Take them at least 3-4 weeks, in the form of vaginal applications (moisten a cotton-gauze tampon and inserted into the vagina).

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