Sore breast causes

Болит грудная железа - причиныCondition of the breast is one of the most important indicators of women’s health, since it depends on hormonal levels in the body. That is why if you have sore breast, as soon as possible to find the causes of this discomfort. Without visiting the doctor, who will prescribe an adequate treatment, can not do, but to suggest why you are experiencing pain, you can own.

What could cause pain in your chest?

To determine the reasons why breast gland swollen and hurts, not too difficult, if you know features of functioning of the female body. Ladies often complain of this symptom in the following cases:

  • If you are to begin soon regular menstruation and during this period you experience unpleasant pain in the chest area, it may be due to a sharp increase in the level of progesterone in the second phase of the cycle. These hormonal changes stimulate the growth of breast glands and their swelling. This, in turn, leads to increased sensitivity and accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissue. Thus, the reasons for increased and sore breast might be more physiologic and does not require serious treatment.
  • During pregnancy chest pains are completely natural. They were the responsibility of the hormone prolactin, stimulating milk production and colostrum after birth and late pregnancy. It is therefore not surprising why sore breast and no menstruation: it’s possible that you are already expecting a baby. It is very often painful and nipples increase in size. Also there is the emergence of the alveoli and the discoloration.
  • It is very important to find out the reasons why it hurts only the left breast or the right hand only. Often it is associated with serious disease – a disease in the later stages, which are formed in the tissues of the cysts and dense knots. Usually the pain is in this case strictly localized and concentrated in the nipple region, closer to its center. It can be described as sharp, sometimes even unbearable. Be sure to visit breast physician, especially if the pain is accompanied by redness and swelling of the skin, so as not to miss such a terrible disease like breast cancer.
  • Sometimes the answer to the question, why does it hurt exclusively the left or right breast, hard to find. If you do not find anything serious, try to get tested for herpes zoster. The infection of this virus never crosses the midline of the body, therefore are able to give such symptoms.
  • Postpartum breast pain is often a constant companion of nursing mothers. While not quite the correct attachment on the nipple cracks, whereby the feeding can be for women real torture. If breast blush and body temperature increased, likely mastitis. This disease manifests itself at stagnation of milk or the penetration of bacteria through the teat minor injuries.
  • Болит грудная железа - причиныYou don’t have to search long for reasons for breast pain in the middle of the cycle. It’s no secret, that somewhere in the 12-14 day of cycle is ovulation. It was during this period due to hormonal changes in the body, a woman often experiences discomfort in the chest area. Often this is used to determine days favorable for conception.

In order to figure out why pain in my lower abdomen and breast, you should consult a gynecologist. Most likely, he’ll recommend an ultrasound to tell if you have endometriosis of the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes.

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