Seal the Breasts in women

Уплотнения в грудных железах у женщин

Such violation, as the appearance of seals in the Breasts in women it is noted quite often. As a rule, most of them indicate the presence of mammary glands in the pathological process. However, it must be said that sometimes a lump in the breast may arise in a process like breast-feeding. Let’s consider the most frequent cases and will tell you when seal and chest pain are pathological in nature, and when such a phenomenon has a physiological origin.

When the seal of the breast should not arouse suspicion?

So quite often, a lump in her breast just before my period is noted. The reason is the changes in hormonal levels in the female body, which leads to an increase in the amount of glands. Many women, however, noted an increase in sensitivity of the Breasts, the engorged nipples. All of the above can be attributed to the physiological changes that are cyclical and occur at the beginning of each menstrual cycle. It is worth noting that some girls these symptoms are more pronounced and some may not notice their presence.

In some cases, the seal glandular breast tissue should cause alarm and concern to women?

Of any kind painful lump in her breast should be a reason for women to see a doctor. Moreover, the sooner this happens the better for the health of the girl. Only a doctor is able, after appropriate investigation to establish the cause of this phenomenon and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It is separately necessary to tell about a lump in her breast, which is celebrated during lactation. In such cases, as a rule, the reason for its appearance are congestion, leading eventually to mastitis. So when the blockage of milk ducts is a violation of the secretion of milk. As a result the glandular tissue swells, causing an increase in breast volume. Similar is accompanied by fever, pain pulsating character, redness of the skin of the breast. This kind of seal in the Breasts of nursing does not require any medical treatment. As a rule, all is limited to the use of the compresses on the Breasts, timely pumping, massage the breast.

If women are not breastfeeding, there was a fairly large lump in her breast, this should be regarded as a neoplasm, which may have both benign and malignant nature. To install it, doctors prescribe a biopsy of the glandular tissue particles.

The cause of compaction in the area of the nipple of the breast, may be a disease such as fibroadenoma. This violation most commonly occurs in women of childbearing age. Are combined glandular and connective breast tissue in a single lump, the size of which does not exceed 1-2 cm Distinguishing feature is the fact that he is mobile.

The presence of the red seal on the chest that has clear boundaries can talk about this disease, as breast cyst. The cause of these disorders is a change in your hormones. This often occurs in women 40-60 years of age.

Уплотнения в грудных железах у женщин

The presence in the breast is small, the movable seal can be a symptom of lipoma. This violation is characterized by the presence of benign growths, which are painless, which is detected by the woman by accident (for example during hygiene procedures). Typically, a lipoma grows slowly and almost never requires surgery.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, the reasons for the emergence of seals in the breast a lot. Therefore, to establish the one that led to the disease in a particular case, a careful diagnosis.

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